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Infographic Of A Freelancer

I was delighted when Credit Donkey sent me this infographic – and I suspect it maps fairly well to freelance writers. I was surprised by a few things – first of all that more men than women answered the survey.

Charles Tran, company owner and founder, also sent along links to three articles that parse this information in different ways. For example, to the question, Do Freelancers Make Enough Money? almost 60 percent are able to sustain they choose. I was surprised that fully 50 percent have been unable to afford health insurance at one time or another. I would have guessed a higher number.

In Thinking About Going Freelance? You’ll Have to Embrace Uncertainty financial insecurity was at the top of the list and I found I recognized everything else there too.

Finally, I wasn’t a bit surprised to find in Survey: Many Freelancers Are Making Basic Financial Mistakes that freelancers make mistakes with their money, although I’m not a bit sure I think having a separate credit card for the business is a good idea… bank accounts, yes, debit card yes, but the interest and other terms and conditions on credit cards makes me avoid them like the plague. Many of the other items on that page are just info, interesting, but not mistakes.

Portrait of a Freelancer

Now, what about you? Where does your life as a freelance writer differ from the info graphic? Tell us in comments.


Infographic ourtesy of Digital Donkey

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  • Some of these results were what I expected, but I too was surprised that the sample was mostly male.

    I also agree with the comments asking about the source of the information. Where did they find the 424 independent contractors? The answer good greatly affect the information they got.

    Still, it was a fun read. 🙂
    Laura Spencer recently posted..Book Review: The Freelancer’s BibleMy Profile

  • I resonate with the 92% who are happy with their choice to be freelancers. I’m never going back to any other way of life, even though I also agree with the 56.4% who said that uncertainty about income was the worst aspect of the job.

    • me too, exactly, Charlotte.

    • To be honest, the problem posed by the 56.4% is the sole reason why many, who have career and financial aspirations, never get into freelancing. A freelancer is basically choosing to be alone and not harnessing the power of a big corporation, not to mention the fat pay packet.

      It is still normal for writers and graphic artists to work freelance to create their portfolio. This will help them to avail any opportunity coming on the web. I understand that. But working in an office gives you the chance to learn so much more again.
      Ron C. | SEO Copywriting recently posted..The Future Of Internet MarketingMy Profile

      • Yeah, I’ve spend a good part of my early career inside and sometimes I’ve missed the regular paycheck, but not often, and you’re right, inside I learned a bunch.

  • Suzanne

    Absolutely no children! And my slippers lost all their fuzz

  • I love the look and feel of the infographic!

    Today, another freelance writer pointed out to me that I need to step up my marketing efforts. I have stepped up marketing efforts compared to previous years, but I’ll kick it up a notch. Right now, I spend most of my time writing, whether it’s on a client project, guest blog, or my own projects.
    Amandah recently posted..Bad Content Writing? How to Tell if Your Content Writing Stinks — Break FreeMy Profile

    • I’ve heard that we should spend a third of our time on marketing… I don’t, but maybe I should.

  • Love the clean look of this.

    But, I had to do some more searching. These stats are based on only 424 independent contractors in the U.S. who were surveyed. And who knows how many responded. Even if it was all of them, that’s not a huge number.

    So, while I love the look of it, I’m not so sure I trust the results as representative. Call me a skeptic. 😉
    Cathy Miller recently posted..Quick Grammar Tips to Honor National Grammar DayMy Profile

    • Cathy, no one is claiming this is a scientific study… it’s an indication… I’d guess it’s generally pretty accurate… at least for the US…

  • I need stats on how often other freelancers talk to their cats. 😉
    Marjorie McAtee recently posted..Fun Friday Facts #67: RIP Hugo ChavezMy Profile

    • Well, count me in for dozens of times a day, Marjorie.

      • Suzanne

        For me, it is chasing the feral cats out of my garden! Why do they love my porch so much?

  • I love stats like this; thanks for sharing, Anne. Interesting that most freelancers are male in this survey; that’s not what I expected at all.
    Sharon Hurley Hall recently posted..A Freelancer’s Three-Step Guide To Airtight OrganizationMy Profile

    • I was surprised too and would love to know how many of those surveyed were in IT etc.

    • I suspect there were more IT workers in the survey… that’s why it’s weighted toward men… but I had the same thought.

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