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National Writers Appreciation Week

proudtobewriterWriter Michelle Rafter has a post called Hug a writer – It’s National Freelance Writers Appreciation Week

Consider yourself virtually hugged in appreciation by me!

In her post, Michelle delightfully details many of the writers we so appreciate.

Let me add to this list each and everyone of my readers – that’s right, you! You’re truly appreciated, even if you’re not writing (yet).

I can’t quite tell how this week got started… if you know, please explain in comments. But many of the writing trade sites like The Society of Professional Journalists and The American Writers and Artists, Inc. who are giving away $500 – you can play too.

Our clients need to appreciate writers

What I really wish is that the people who hire writers would participate.

Oh most of my clients appreciate me; most of yours probably appreciate you. But I don’t think writers in general are appreciated by business folks so much.

Mostly this is out of ignorance about the huge positive difference we can make to them.

John Soares asks Hey Writer, How Do You Respond When An Editor Asks for Changes? with an almost hysterically funny video. If you watch, I’m sure you’ll identify.

Maybe we need to push back a bit more

John suggests three ways a writer can respond. My hunch is if more of us would defend our work, gently, by explaining why we wrote what we did, we might get more appreciation. It’s truly a judgement call, of course, and when paychecks hang in the balance it’s so tempting to cave, silently. I’ve done it.

I’ve also pushed back and gotten my own way, and lost future work.

Often, however, when I explain my reasoning, the client at least hears me. Most people really don’t want ‘yes’ folks. They hire us to solve a problem, usually to make their business work better.

Those clients who pay decently do so because they know they’re hiring experts, and often they’ll at least consider suggestions. Decent pay and the willingness to listen isn’t a bad definition of appreciation.

We can change everyone, but we can help our clients understand our value by valuing ourselves.

What do you say? Do you appreciate yourself as a writer? Do your clients? What needs to change? How should we help it change? Tell us in comments.

And please, help me out by clicking on the social media buttons and sharing this post and site.

Happy V Day – remember to dance for women today.


Image from Michelle Rafter

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