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The Problem With Goals Is They Often Lack Vision

Visioning for writersSometime around the end of the old year and the beginning of the new year many freelance writer, including me, set goals. But sometimes around the middle or the end of January, goal setters often notice things aren’t even headed in the right direction. It’s about that time when stories of why goal setting doesn’t work begin to surface. Some suggest projects instead of goals; others suggest starting with what you don’t want to figure out what you do.

The second example is from Andrew Halfacre (which is worth it for the picture alone) and I think he’s on the right track – that is, many people aren’t really clear on what they want. And that includes freelance writers.

Oh we know, at least in a general way, that we want to write and this is exactly where the goals can go wrong.

Most goals are lacking vision

It’s awfully easy to leave that ‘I want to write’ unexamined. That lack of clarity or vision, if you will is likely to lead in over generalized goals like “I want to make money writing.”

While there’s nothing wrong with a goal like that, except it isn’t specific. But even if it were specific, even if you said you wanted to earn $2,000 or $10,000 a month, or added a list of magazines you think you want to write for, it’s likely to be off target.

Most goals are off target because they are not grounded in a real Vision of who you are and what you want. Goals tend to ignore that still small voice we all have. When goals aren’t grounded it’s more like someone demanding something than opening up to what’s really right for you.


Almost a decade ago, I was introduced to Visioning. It provided a way for me to tap into that intuition, that still small voice and open myself to seeing how I might expand how I saw myself and my writing. It helped me drop the limited thinking that goals so often have by showing me that I really am, or can be, more than I often think I am or can be.

Visioning, which is really a way to invite Spirit, or the real you into the process, provides a grounding that let’s you set goals that have a better chance of working because of that grounding.

You can, of course, Vision by yourself, and you’ll find the process in the link above.  But Visioning can also be done in a group, which is what we’re offering – a Visioning expressly designed for freelance writers.

In this case, it’s one over the phone which creates some intimacy and some privacy.

You can get full information from the graphic on the right which links to here.

Join us and expand your vision of yourself and your writing.

Your turn… do you set goals? Do you have a larger vision for your writing and your life? Tell us about it in comments.


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  • I love this blog. It helps me get inspired. When I was first starting out after finishing up with my educational goals, I thought that visioning and “finding your calling” were hippie nonsense–I needed to find paid work! But now that I have been in a few positions where I was grinding away unappreciated day after day, I see how that can drain your energy and be unsustainable.
    I think that what you mean about “tapping in to intuition” is knowing that you need to make a change and then figuring out where you need to go.

    • Suzanne, thanks for the complements… knowing you need to make a change certainly can be part of your intuition… getting quiet and opening up to that still small voice can bring more accurate and sometimes more exciting info.

  • I do! My life goals have actually been simplified, and slowly seem to be inching closer. Taking all the fluff out and deciding what is really important is the key, I think. Some of them I can do myself–like finding a good job, working on my novel each day, etc. Others are a bit more elusive or rely on external factors, but hopefully they will all come together soon.

    They have to. 2013 is not allowed to be as bad as 2012 was. No way Jose!
    Elizabeth West recently posted..2012 in Review- Happy New Year!My Profile

    • actually, that’s well said… finding out what’s important.

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