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6 Freelance Writing Posts & Categories You May Have Missed

looking backAboutFreelanceWriting has been around in this form since October, 2008! There are now over 1,400 posts!

I was tempted to pull out the most popular posts in 2012 and then I realized there are articles here I consider important that I know not everyone reading today has seen. And there are categories that have gobs of information on a particular topic that are important.

I also happen to believe that a list of five or six is plenty long. I mean I want you to write as well as read.

Here are 6 posts that I think are important and their category. 

5 Of My Favorite Freelance Writing Tips – from 30 Days of Writing Tips

Where Do Writers Get Their Ideas?  – Getting Started & Getting It Done

Writers, Money, Pricing And Self-Worth – Money issues

No Clips? No Problems! Videos for Writers – Anne’s Writing Videos

6 Steps To Creating A Blog or Website – Marketing for Writers

Can You Tell The Difference Between Your Writing Business And You? – Business of Freelance Writing

 How about you? Do you have your favorite articles here? Let us know. What else would you like to see? What questions do you have. Tell us in comments.


Image: AttributionShare Alike Some rights reserved by David.Harrington

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  • Thanks for all your posts, Anne. I’m struggling to come up with rates (your series has helped) now that people are actually asking me for them. I don’t want to undervalue myself, but neither do I want to slave for content mill prices either! It’s scary at first.
    Elizabeth West recently posted..2012 in Review- Happy New Year!My Profile

    • It is scary at first… early on I was challenged to charge 50 percent more than I thought I should… I couldn’t go that far, but I could go 25 percent more and they bought! You’ll win some and lose some.

      By the way, the 5 Buck Forum can be a place to have a confidential discussion about rate setting with pros.

  • Anne, I really like the idea of featuring your best posts. I’ve actually put several of my best posts in a widget in my sidebar.

    My favorite of the the above posts is “Writers, Money, Pricing and Self-Worth.”
    John Soares recently posted..Freelancers, Would You Use This E-Mail Auto-Response?My Profile

    • Thanks, John. One of my goals this quarter is to use Jenn’s guidelines in the 5 Buck Forum and out, to reorganize my site… best posts is a great idea for a widget… and if I reorg right someone might be able to find it.

  • “Writers, Money, Pricing And Self-Worth” is a great post. Writers can use more blog posts on how to boost their confidence, which will boost their income. If a writer’s internal economy is set to lack, they’ll struggle with freelance writing. I firmly believe what you think and tell yourself (inside) will manifest on the outside (your freelance writing career).

    Happy New Year!
    Amandah recently posted..Happy Holidays from Amandah Tayler Blackwell at Savvy-WriterMy Profile

    • Thanks, Amandah… I’ll do some more along these lines… glad you like them.

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