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This Blog Is Now On Kindle!

about freelance writing on kindleI think it was Sharon Hurley Hall of GetPaidToWriteOnline mentioned that at least one of her blogs was available for Amazon’s Kindle.

I don’t pretend to know why someone would want to pay to read a blog on their Kindle that they can read for free on their computer, laptop, etc. Even when it’s only 99-cents a month.

But there’s a whole lot in this universe that happens that I don’t understand!

So now you can read AboutFreelanceWriting on your Kindle. If you buy it, I’ll receive a percentage of your almost a dollar – that would be nice.

Mostly I put it up for Kindle to see if I could – it is easy.

What was a bit more difficult was figuring out the right link to post so you, or someone, could actually purchase it. Click here. You can take a look for free, of course.

Are blogs on ereaders a wave of the future? Maybe in a small way. It’s an interesting idea and part of the constant move to more and more electronics.

Have you put your blog on Kindle? Would you buy a blog so you could read it on your Kindle? Let’s talk about it.


Maybe some coaching would help!

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