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Remembering 911 – Again

I happened to be on a spiritual conference call – and just before the call ended a New Yorker gasped and said something like, “… a plane just hit the twin towers.” Our leader said a quick prayer for peace and healing and the call ended.

I had a TV at that point and was, like so many glued to it.

I’m also a member of Activist San Diego, a progressive political action group. The creator and leader of that group, Martin Eder (not the German artist) sent the following message to ASD members:

Terrorism is born of hopelessness. It is an unnatural state of affairs. A social order that has closed the doors on dignity and the possibility of democratic participation is a breeding ground for individualistic and suicidal desperation. A society full of cruelty will produce cruel offspring. A society based on class hierarchies, racial divisions, religious discrimination and national oppression will have no peace. There is peace born of justice and equality. There is also the peace of repression and dictatorship, but this is always a temporary peace.

I, like many, want the lasting peace born of justice and equality. I believe everyone wants that, said one way or another.

I work for that in a variety of ways, from composting to delivering Awakening The Dreamer symposiums and being a member of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship. And every election year I do some calling for candidates.

Do these activities help change things? I haven’t a clue. In fact, sometimes I’m sure they don’t. Fortunately I don’t stay discouraged or depressed for long. Besides, doing these things makes me feel better about myself and my world. Hard to argue with that.

Update: I found http://www.911day.org/ – an organization dedicated to doing good deeds in memory of 911. Take a look. Join us – yes, I joined.


Image is from the International Peace Garden on the Canada/USA Border: AttributionShare Alike Some rights reserved by Joanne Probyn


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