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Time For Heart-Felt Projects

This morning I finished reading Blessed Unrest by Paul Hawken.

Loosely speaking it’s a look at the uncountable NGOs, peace, social justice, environmental, economic justice, etc. organizations around the world. He speculates that they may be humanities immune response to the human-caused planetary destruction.

Sustainability and related topics are dear to my heart and what I really wanted to do today was chase a whole bunch of new-to-me websites and start redesigning my week to see if I could carve out one day a week for heart-felt projects that really aren’t part of my business.

It’s not that I’m not passionate about helping freelance writers earn more money; I am. That’s why I’m taking a course called Authentic Profitability by Molly Gordon.

Part of what Molly teaches is how to focus on a single project at a time. I now schedule the first two hours of every work day for a single, high priority project for my business.

This isn’t a project for clients, but for me. One result is the Finally Get 3 Queries Written in 4 Weeks Workshop. Doing a webinar all by myself has been one of my goals for ages – it’s the change in my focus that’s made it possible.

Of course, I had and still have some things to do today both for clients and for myself. The truth is today isn’t the day to work on any of those projects that I’m calling heart-felt.

You may be aware of a couple of them. One is a blog called WhenGrandmotherSpeaks. If you go there, and I’d love it if you did and if you signed up for the newsletter, you’ll find it’s been ages since I’ve posted there. The title comes from what I think is an American Indian saying or belief or story, “…when grandmother speaks the world will be healed.” It fits my passion.

Another is presenting Awakening The Dreamer Symposiums. I’ve done a couple; I’m good at it and it takes considerable behind-the-scenes organization to get one going.

I don’t know that I’ll be able to carve out a whole working day for projects like these, I hope so. If not a whole day then at least some regular, scheduled time to work on them without changing the business focus of my first two hours.

As always planning time, using time in ways that truly support us is a continuing puzzle. It’s also one that’s worth continuous tinkering – seems like each change I make gets me closer to a probably impossible ideal. As one organization says a whole lot, it’s ‘progress, not perfection.’

How do you find time for your non-business passions?


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  • Good for you Lori – I’ll brag a bit too. I’ve managed to go this whole year without bringing home a single plastic shopping bag!

  • Isn’t it amazing how everything we do tends to tie together?

  • Maybe we can compare ideas, brain storm.

  • Yep… carving the time out is the trick.

  • Like you, Anne, I make time for them. My passion is similar. I’ve taught English to immigrants. I’ve ramped up the recycling efforts in this house. And I’ve tried to make a difference even when I’m shopping — Tom’s shoes, for instance. I buy a pair and a pair is given to a child without shoes.

    We can make conscious choices that improve someone else’s existence. To me, that’s a good passion to nurture.
    Lori recently posted..The Importance of ConfirmationMy Profile

  • One of my passions besides writing is mentoring teens, especially those who are in the foster care system and or come from dysfunctional homes. I don’t have to travel far to do this because I’ve been working with my 16-year-old nephew and 19-year-old niece since their mom and dad split up.

    Kids need encouragement along with someone who’s ‘objective’ and sees the forest through the trees. Sometimes, parents just don’t get it and they sure as hell don’t know how to parent.

    Of course, I tied my writing is tied into coaching and or mentoring teens. I wrote a book for teens and adult children of alcoholics on how to break the dysfunctional cycle. The book needs to be edited and chapters may have to be rewritten or added.

  • I haven’t figured that out yet, Anne. I need to. 🙁
    Cathy Miller recently posted..3 Business Writing Hits for the Summertime BluesMy Profile

  • Nice to give time to projects that nurture the spirit, Anne. 🙂
    Sharon Hurley Hall recently posted..Community and Your Writing Business: It Takes a VillageMy Profile

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