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Rant Warning – 10 Days To Remove Your Email? Give Me A Break & Other Stuff

writer's rantWho do they think they’re kidding… it may take up to 10 days to remove my email address from an email newsletter I don’t even remember subscribing to!

I know better – I run several email lists myself and if you’re on one and want to unsubscribe and follow the instructions you’re off instantly, or in moments anyway.

Another thing that pisses me off royally is being put on hold and then listening to your radio station, which never is the same one I want to hear, or to classical music that sounds horrid because the phone can’t handle the quality.

Even worse is listening to you tell me to go to the website – how do you think I got your number? Advertising – yours or someone else’s.

But the worst in my not very humble opinion on this subject are the recordings assuring me I’m a valued customer, played over and over again.

Cathy Miller has a lovely rant of her own along similar lines called: A Human Customer Service Trick We Lost Along the Way

No we didn’t plan the synchronicity, but it happens pretty often between the two of us. Great minds do think alike…

One of the things I’m sure of is that many of the customer service folks we talk to want to do a good job but simply aren’t given the authority to do so.  I also suspect that the people who put in those blankety darn telephone answering trees know they are horrid.

I hadn’t thought of it until now, but one of the nicest things about being a freelancer is I handle all my own customer service issues. Usually it’s by email, occasionally by phone and I find even the few people who get really angry with me over whatever are delighted when they get a personal email or call from me. Even if we can’t resolve the issue, which rarely happens, the personal contact turns out to be one of mutual respect, and usually more than that.

By the way, when I get a good CS rep, and I do, I almost always ask to talk with their supervisor so I can complement both of them for a job well done. My theory is to praise what I want more of. Besides, it makes me feel good.

Okay, I feel better now.

Thanks for listening.

What’s your customer service pet peeve?


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  • Beautiful rant, Anne! Whenever I go back stateside it drives me totally insane how companies treat their customers. It’s downright shocking.

    But there’s a good lesson to learn – If your company bends over backwards for your customers, you’ll do well. Imagine if some company you deal with is awesome about their CS. You’d be blabbing to all your friends about how cool they are (I’d be). Good business strategy there.

  • You are killing me! lol And I can’t disagree with any of those things, and I’ll add the constant selling when you’ve called in to complain about something, and they seem to keep you on hold longer thinking it might make you change your mind when you hear about all the stuff they have but you’re just getting angrier.

    The email thing is a strange dodge as well. Lots of people have automatic systems so these companies that tell you it’s going to take time are lying. They might be hoping you’ve forgotten that you’ve unsubscribed, and I’ve wondered here and there if I have. lol
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..The CleanseMy Profile

    • Sometimes, Mitch, I suspect there’s a lawyer in the woodwork saying ‘but what if it breaks and it takes longer than instant… better make it 10 days just to be sure.”

  • Give ’em hell, Anne!

    You’re right — if they have an email client, there shouldn’t be any problem with INSTANT removal. I use MailChimp and it’s taken care of instantly. Half the time I don’t even know there was a lost subscriber unless I look.

    You and Cathy do have great minds. 🙂

  • Thanks for the shout-out, Anne. Maybe it’s the summer heat that has customer service so cranky. 😉
    Cathy Miller recently posted..A Human Customer Service Trick We Lost Along the WayMy Profile

    • particularly if they’re someplace with no air conditioning… ?????

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