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Friday Fun for Freelance Writers on July 27, 2012

Every now and again I poke around the web to find some free things that might be fun for writers. Today is one of those days.

No particular theme… that would defeat the purpose of just poking around, right?

Want some trivia about and by writers? A weird, to me, combo of useful and not so useful info and a great way to waist an hour or more, which could be fun.

Free stuff at SimplyBusiness – Cathy’s got a great collection of useful free stuff – free is fun, yes?

Free stuff here too, assuming free is fun.

Writing Prompts at CreativeCopyChallenge – fun and you’ll learn a ton too.

Crossword Puzzle from the Washington Post – daily. May take a few moments to load, but you can play online – no pencil required.

You can build your own crossword puzzle at Discovery Education.

Play scrabble online – requires free registration.

Of course, you could declare a holiday and get out of the office for awhile… that’s what I’m doing.

First, lunch with my son, then coffee with some girlfriends, an appointment with my chiropractor topped off, maybe, by a visit to the San Diego Museum of Art.

What fun are you planning this Friday?


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