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Writers Often Find Egg Timers Helpful

egg timer for writersHas this ever happened to you?

You’re writing away and it’s going well and gradually the smell of something burning creeps into your consciousness – it’s the eggs you were hard boiling and the waters completely steamed off.

You know you could finish the rather boring piece your working on if you actually spend another 15 minutes working on it.

You’re supposed to call a valued client in an hour; your writing gets choppy because you’re afraid you’ll miss the calling time.

There’s an easy solution.

It’s http://e.ggtimer.com/

It’s free, online and super simple.

You enter the number of minutes, hit go and when the time has elapsed you’ll get a sound and your screen will switch to the egg timer web page.

I was just alerted that the dozen eggs I was boiling are now hard.

I’ve used it to time writing and to time all sorts of things. When I use it I don’t have to worry I’ll miss the cue – it’s right there

I used to have one of those staid, white timer’s that you twist the dial on for the number of minutes. I dropped it and it broke. In fact, I fixed it once and it broke again – it didn’t like ending up hard on the floor.

So I googled egg timer and got this nifty site.

It’s right where I need it the most, on my desktop where I do 98 percent of my work.

How do you remind yourself when x minutes are up?

Write well and often,


How might a writing coach help you organize your time?

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