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Your Writing Ability Is A Gift – 3 Ways To Take Care Of It

gift of writingIt’s my opinion that if you’ve got any writing talent at all it’s a gift. For one of the truths about writing is not everyone can do it even reasonably well.

Think about that statement – take it in.

It’s my experience that even when you’ve got the writing gift it’s up to you to steward it properly.

By that I mean you’ve got to take care of it.

My suspicion is if you don’t it will diminish.

Here are three ways you can steward your writing ability:

Write. Yep, you can take care of your ability with words by using it often. It almost doesn’t matter what you write as long as you do, regularly and often.

One of the nifty things that happens when we write regularly is we actually get better at it. It’s like any thing we might practice – with practice, be it piano, meditation, yoga or writing, it gets easier because we improve our skill as we go.

Rewrite. Rewriting is part of writing practice. It’s where we not only spot and correct  many of our mistakes, it’s where we find and use our writing voice and make it work. Rewriting also informs our unconscious and helps us improve our new writings.

Share. This blog is, of course, about helping freelance writers make more money, so it’s tempting to say market your writing. For most of us, testing our writing in the market place is what we’re actually aiming at. Marketing our writing can certainly tell us a great deal. Taking that risk of sending it off to a publisher or to a client or posting it online stretches us and our writing.

But there are all sorts of writings that aren’t, at least in the beginning, meant for publication. I write short Zen poems called Gathas that are mostly for me and my Sangha (Buddhist group). I may gather them together in a book someday, or not. Sharing them, however is part of the process for me.

Another example is a the story of our family that I’m writing with the help of my kids. Sure, it might get published some day, but that’s not the point. We want it for ourselves and those who come after us.

And yes, there is a kind of personal writing that’s not meant to be shared, at least not widely. I find my writing somehow wants to be read by at least one other person before it feels finished.

If you write, rewrite and somehow share your writing your writing will, over time improve and, if writing is really important to you, you will probably find at least a bit of contentment way down in your soul – the result, I think of doing a good job stewarding any gift.

How do you take care of your writing gift?

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman Writing Coach

A writing coach can help you steward your writing.

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Image: Attribution Some rights reserved by Jose C Silva

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  • Great point, Ron. Reading is so ingrained in me I rarely think of including it.

  • The best way to take care of your writing gift is by…

    …reading, reading and LOTS of reading!

    If you continue to read, your writer mind will automatically create a storehouse of thoughts, ideas, experiences and emotions, which you can utilize in times of need.
    Ron – SEO Copy-e-Writing Blog recently posted..Social Media Affect Your Site’s SE Rankings Or Not?My Profile

  • that follow through and networking must also be done… and it’s not nearly as interesting as the writing 😉

  • edna

    Ah, thanks for the post. I have been doing too much follow through and networking to bring in new business and not enough writing for myself. Fiction is quite challenging for me but I enjoy losing myself in it. I also love writing poetry just for myself or my partner.

    I am working on a YA story I’d love to get published sometime, but writing fiction allows me to escape into another world and just play with words. I’ve also found writing for magazines to be fulfilling this year, which it wasn’t before.
    thanks for the reminder, I do need to nurture this gift I have.

  • You know, I suspect the same thing. When I go across the Mexican Border and start of speak even my very broken Spanish I can also feel my mind working differently… have often wondered what it would be like to write with Chinese or Japanese characters.

  • Mitch, I’d say you’re taking care of your writing gift very well.

  • Practice?

  • 😉 You know, many wouldn’t understand why writing fiction for an hour is a treat!

  • Is tweeting helping you move your writing forward.

  • Nice… glad you found it – your mojo that is.

  • Writing does take practice… Terry, how will you know when/if it’s time for you to stop writing only for yourself and start writing for publication.Ah, I see from your site you write for kids… good for you… so may I assume you mean you need to set aside time to just write for yourself?

  • jorgekafkazar

    Actually, I suspect that learning another language is one way to sharpen and retain our writing skills.

  • It’s an interesting way you’ve asked the question. I don’t know that I can say I’ve necessarily taken care of any “writing gift”, if you will. But I write, and I believe I have nearly 2,800 articles/blog posts online for myself and others. That’s probably the best thing I can offer, to keep writing and hope that my writing gets better and my messages clearer.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..11 Lessons Learned From 11 Years In BusinessMy Profile

  • Ali

    *I mean besides writing, coaching, social media.. etc.
    Ali recently posted..The Top 10 Job Boards For WritersMy Profile

  • Ali

    I don’t get it, how on earth do you manage to write such quality and meaty pieces on regular basis… I know there are so many other things you do beside teaching.
    Ali recently posted..The Top 10 Websites That Pay You To Write An ArticleMy Profile

  • Writing–and not just the what-I-do-for-a-living writing but my own personal writing that I love. Soon as I get off a coaching call I’m going to indulge myself in writing fiction for an hour. Thanks for the reminder how important it is tend to our gift.
    Charlotte Rains Dixon recently posted..Just a Little Thing Called FearMy Profile

  • Harriet Weinstein

    I have been pushing myself by writing on twitter everday during the work week. The tweets are about business, food and the environment.

    Harriet Weinstein

  • I’ve been writing a long time and found my ‘mojo’ only within the last 2 years. Anyhow, love it and will always try to improve on this writing life I cannot, for the life of me, seem to let go of 🙂
    Clara Freeman recently posted..30 Years as a Successful Author: Tips from Marianne WilliamsonMy Profile

  • Writing takes practice and no better way than to write everyday. For me, I have to put aside worry about publishing and marketing sometimes and just write for me.
    Terri Forehand recently posted..The A to Z ChallengeMy Profile

  • Yep.

  • 😉

  • Agreed… we need to do the writing that’s close to our soul to really steward it.

  • Donna

    I have to agree. If you’re doing something regularly, you’ll get better at it!

  • Make that youR love of copywriting – if you never write, you never have typos, and wouldn’t that be boring? 😀
    Cathy Miller recently posted..How Bad Business Communication Lost $60 MillionMy Profile

  • I think to take care of your gift you have to do that writing just for you. And that can be published or unpublished. It could be business writing or personal. Whatever makes you happy.

    It helps balance everything else. You could love being a copywriter, but if your soul screams for poetry and you never scratch that itch, you may find you love of copywriting losing some of its shine.
    Cathy Miller recently posted..How Bad Business Communication Lost $60 MillionMy Profile

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