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7 Signs You’ve Got Writing Talent

Back in the day when I was writing sales letters and advertisements for free for my father’s real estate business I thought everyone could write. It was easy for me and I assumed it would be easy for other people as well.

I’d actually gotten good grades for my writing all the way through school, but somehow that didn’t count!

I eventually realized that I might have some talent and began submitting queries which worked. I now know that not everyone can write and those of us who can are actually pretty special.

This came to mind because I’ve been approached by a potential ghostwriting client who says he has no writing talent. Yet his email to me was well written, explained his book and what he wanted with coherence and even some charm.

When I responded that he seemed to write well, he came back, surprised and saying he didn’t know where to start – which is a totally different problem.

Here are seven signs you’ve got some writing talent:

Writing is  easy for you. For the most part, when faced with some writing to do it comes pretty easily. Oh, you may have trouble getting started, but once you do, you find it flows. You’d never consider hiring someone to write entrance essays for you, for example, because you know you can do it for yourself.

You got good grades with your writing in school. From the time you first learned to string letters together to make words and sentences you’ve gotten good grades with your writing. Essay tests never bothered you much, even if you didn’t know the material well, because you found you can write coherently on any subject.

You actually enjoy writing. Not all the time, of course, but often, if you stop and think about it you realize you actually like the process of writing.

You’re often asked to write something. You often end up as a note taker at meetings or asked to write up a description of this or that or even to create a newsletter for an organization. This type of request happens over and over again because somehow the people around you discover you write well.

You find yourself gravitating to the writing parts of your job. If you tend to prefer the writing parts of your jobs to most or even many other things you’ve probably got some writing talent.

When you read magazines or even books you sometimes recognize you could have done at least as well as the author. It might be a newspaper article, a blog you like, or any other sort of published writing. It might be a good piece of writing or one that obviously needs some help. Either way you realize you could have done it, and probably better.

None, or even all of these guarantee you’ll write the great American novel or make hundreds of thousands of dollars writing copy or mysteries or… But if you fit any of these, you’ve got some talent.

If you want to make the most of that talent you’ve got to write, rewrite and market your writing, whatever niche you choose to focus on.

In what ways do you exhibit and steward your writing talent?

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman Writing Coach



The right writing coach can help you make the most of your writing talent.

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  • diana

    It’s been a while i felt like i really enjoy writing and started writing some sorts of text.finally,i come up asking myself if it would be my talent.but rightafter reading those signs,i get a small hope that i could fit in!!need more advices!!

  • The first time I knew I was cut out for copywriting was… when I was thinking how an ad was scripted in my BATHROOM!
    Ron – SEO Copy-e-Writing Blog recently posted..Guest Posting Tricks By Mary JakschMy Profile

  • I agree! If you write and write, you have a talent for writing. Coz this kind of talent isn’t for everyone. You need to have passion.

  • jorgekafkazar

    I love rewriting. Does that count?

    • Probably even more than the other signs, Jorge… sometimes I love it, often I don’t.

  • I agree, if you love writing then you’ve probably got the talent. And even if you don’t, you’ll probably get better at the trade if you keep writing on a daily basis. If the thought of writing a page gives you a migraine, then it’s time to find another ‘calling’! You can read about my freelance writing story here: http://www.howtomakemoneyfreelancing.com.

  • wallace

    thank you for your writing wisdom, thank you for sharing it. Good satuff

  • I can definitely relate to the last one. I often find myself mentally re-writing sentences, even from well-known authors.
    John Soares recently posted..Are Freelance Writers Introverts?My Profile

    • I’ll bet the others apply to you too, John.

    • Oh man, I do that all the time. Mel Gibson (yeah, I know) once said “I can’t watch movies anymore. I can see the strings.” It does take a bit of the enjoyment out of it to see the tricks, and I think the clunkers bother writers more than someone who doesn’t write.
      Elizabeth West recently posted..Bad Things Happen and There’s Nothing You Can DoMy Profile

  • Those all describe me, Anne – looks like I’m in the right profession. 😉
    Sharon Hurley Hall recently posted..How To Succeed As A Part-Time Freelance Writer – Part 3My Profile

    • Well, I didn’t really have you in mind… mostly me… but I keep suspecting we’re twins separated at birth.

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