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How Do You Learn Best? By Video Or Written Instructions?

learning surveyI’m curious to know how you learn best, by video or by written instructions.

There are only two questions plus a place to tell me why you answered the way you did.

Take the survey and in  a week or so I’ll publish the results.

Click Here for Survey

Yes, I have an opinion, but I’m keeping quiet on it for the moment.

What does this have to do with freelance writing? I think it’s obvious, actually, but we’ll talk about that too.

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman Writing Coach



Anne can help you find the answers through coaching.

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  • This is a nice way to know who wins – blogs or Youtube videos??

    • Ron it’s not just youtube vids… I run a membership site with wishlist member and it’s like pulling teeth to get written instructions – they love video…

  • Cannot wait to see the results of this one– though I know that I will probably be the odd man out, as I much prefer written posts as opposed to video.

  • Michael Davis

    Hey Anne,
    Though I don’t know your opinion yet but I did put my vote on Video. The reason is, it’s lively, interesting & easy.

    • Good… I’ll probably wind it up Monday or Tuesday.

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