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8 Reasons You Should Submit & Market Your Writing Right Now

A magic wand for writersIf I could wave a magic want I’d give each and every one of you the confidence to write and submit and market yourselves and your writing right now I would.

I’ve written about this before – links at the bottom of this article – yet my email continues to reflect fear or lack of confidence when it comes to actually taking the steps to get published or hired.

Here are 8 reasons to quit dilly-dallying around and get to writing and marketing your writing – right now!

None of us were born knowing how to write and market. It’s true of me, of your favorite writer and the writer who is making the most money. Writing is a skill we’ve learned. If we’ve learned not the rules, but the way words communicate from page and screed, or have even started to learn that we’ve learned enough to get started. My hunch is that most of you reading this write well enough right now to earn some money at it.

You’re not getting any younger. It should be obvious, but if you keep putting writing and marketing your writing off it may become a real regret – something you could have done, that you wish you’d done, but didn’t. You don’t need to do that to yourself.

You have something to say. I’m betting you have something to say that people want and need to hear. And/or I’ll bet you have a way with words that would work for a client. Why not find out?

It’s hard to get worse at something your practice. If you write and submit and market consistently you’ll get better at it – that’s just the way it is. Of course, if you do nothing, you won’t improve and you may lose whatever talent you’ve got so far.

Rejection hurts but it’s far from fatal. Rejection isn’t fun, no one would argue that, but it won’t kill you, I promise. Rejection of your writing from magazines and other publishers also happens in private which can make it easier to take. Being told ‘no’ by a potential client isn’t fun either, but it isn’t fatal either. Although it’s a bit less private, it’s unlikely anyone else will know unless you tell them. Neither hurts you physically, just psychically which you can get over.

Feeling foolish isn’t fatal either. So, what? You’re afraid if you get rejected by a magazine you’ll feel foolish for even trying? As Byron Katie might ask, “is that true?” Okay, maybe you will feel foolish… believe me it’s not that big a deal and you might feel foolish for not trying.

Editors need writers. Editors all over the world need writers – how would they be able to edit if it weren’t for writers? Sound silly? It’s not. Sure you’ve got to do some work finding the editors who want your kind of writing, but if you’ve got any writing competence at all, they are out there.

Businesses need writers. Chances are, if you read something from any five businesses you’ll know that you could do a better job for at least one of them. You’re probably right! Give ’em a call and ask to talk with the person who hires freelancers. Call five or even ten, or send them a letter or an email. You’re likely to get at least one possible client from your efforts.

Here are the articles I mentioned that may help:

Now, what steps will you now take to submit and/or promote your writing?


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  • “Chances are, if you read something from any five businesses you’ll know that you could do a better job for at least one of them. You’re probably right! ” – I totally agree with you!
    Ron – SEO Copy-e-Writing Blog recently posted..Shit! I Am Not An Expert. How Do I Write?My Profile

  • ‘Yes Anne, those indeed are all great reasons
    to Submit and Market.’

    Currently I mostly Submit Blogposts only to my own Blog(s), and for example occasionally write Book Reviews for my own Book Review Blogs, Marketing other peoples Writing.

    For what Marketing my own Writing (Blogposts) is concerned I frequently
    do Q&A in Forums and recently actually also created
    a Special FAQ Page. I also recently actually Submitted a few Photo’s with only very little writing, (and registered it in my Submitting Book)

    I also am working on a Photo Stock Catalague Because I do think that Photo’s can help Selling Writing. (see Digital Camera-ideas Blog) I also have a special file for Collecting possible Ideas for writing Filler Articles that I can combine with using some of my own Stock Photo’s So chances are that besides only Blogging I might also do actually do some Submitting of other types of Writing.
    HP van Duuren recently posted..What Do You Think About My Book Review?My Profile

  • Kathy Weyer

    With Anne’s help, I just pitched an idea to three major magazines.She finessed my pitch/query letters, and once that was done, I did it. I just did it. For my very first time. Just did it. Didn’t think about it, not planning on acceptance or rejection, not regretting or rejoicing. Just knowing that it’s done. That first step is taken.

    Here’s my thought. If I can send out three letters to major, national, well known magazines as a professional, I can pitch to anyone. All they can do is say no. No thank you. Please try again. You have a great idea, but it’s not for us. OR, they can say yes. Please do. We’ll pay you a million dollars (or words to that effect).

    • Thanks Kathy… now maybe I can find a way to quote you on every page here… actually, I could, but I won’t. But that thought does give me another idea…

      • Kathy Weyer

        I strive to inspire!

  • ST

    As a an experienced blogger and content writer I’ve never thought about submitting to editor’s at magazines until now. I’m really going to look into this now as another outlet. Thanks for the article!
    ST recently posted..No Holds BarredMy Profile

  • ST

    I’ve written content for clients such as websites, press releases, blogs, and articles as well as my own content and blogs; but I have never considered submitting articles for magazines until now. I’m wondering which besides sports, current events, and entertainment I would be highly interested in & would likely accept me. Though I believe my skill and style will allow me to write for any.
    ST recently posted..No Holds BarredMy Profile

    • ST, there’s no requirement that writers write for magazines… it’s one of our options… otoh, if you want the money/prestige, go for it.

  • Great tips Anne… good inspiration for me to get off my rear and just do it. I know what you mean about your emails. People all over the place are waiting for that magic wand.

    • lol, yes, you get it for sure, Greg. Glad you’re here.

  • Jeni

    Oooo, thanks Anne. Thanks for a timely reminder. It couldn’t have been better if it’d arrived via snail mail written in your hand, addressed directly to me. It’s so easy to put myself on the back burner of life and then suffer for it in a plethora of ways. I’m going to read through your suggested articles and then make some goals and get writing!

    • Jeni, glad it worked for you… you deserve to be on at least one of the front burners in your life… maybe both.

  • “Rejection hurts but it’s far from fatal.” So true. Sometimes, writers internalize rejection as “so and so” dislikes me, but I like to look at rejection differently.

    I think of ‘rejection as protection.’ It’s disappointing to hear a client say, “No, thank you.” Or, receive an email from an editor rejecting your idea. But the rejection can be your biggest ally. The client who says “no,” could have turned out to be a nightmare. The editor who rejects your idea could have given you feedback on ‘how to’ rework your angle.

    In general, most writers have had rejection. Don’t take it personally. Learn from it and move forward.

    • oooh, I like it… rejection is protection. Great slogan.

  • Thanks for the tip.

    The problem is that, when we try to write, we feel that our work will be rejected. I took me over a year to finally submit my work to editors to review. I started with SEO articles as they are not too technical and i expanded my writing carrier.

    If you went to school and got a proper education, then you can write. Writers should start believing in themselves. Writing is exciting and interesting. Once you start writing it will be easy to market your work, because online marketing involves writing at some point.

    Thanks a lot


    • Katz, I don’t think there is a direct correlation between education and the quality of writing. Writing, writing and writing – practice in other words – is the real key.

  • It’s so true. I got up the courage to ask and next thing you know I was writing, and getting paid! The next step is getting up the courage for the bigger clients. Maybe, a national magazine or someone who pays a dollar a word, there are lots of small hurdles to jump.

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