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Tips for Freelance Writers – Resource Roundup Tuesday

60 Tips For Getting The Writing DoneIt really is amazing how much solid information there is on the web. We not only have access to more writing jobs and opportunities than ever before, we can learn about our trade from masters.

Poking around the web I found these:

When The Shoe is on the Other Foot: Paying Contractors – When you get more work than you can handle by yourself, one option is finding and paying other writers to help you out. This article outlines the process.

Audrey Owen who does the Editor’s Blog, has a nifty list of Tips for Writers. I particularly like her idea of writing a page or two with your eyes closed.

Sharon Hurley Hall has a guest post by Chris Bibey called Tips For Slowly Building A Freelance Writing Career. It’s aimed at what I think of as corporate writing. I like the recognition that a solid freelance writing career is built slowly.

Daily Writing Tips asked their readers for freelance writing tips and got 34 of them. The post is called 34 Writing Tips That Will Make You A Better Writer. There’s good stuff here.

I once put together 30 Days of Writing Tips.

I also wrote an ebook called 60 Tips For Getting The Writing Done that tells you how I do it and draws on the experience of others.

What tips do you have for freelance writers?


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  • Thanks for asking Anne,

    One of the things that I think could be a possible interesting tip for Freelance Writers is to have a Blog as a – Platform – to work from.

    Because that way, even at times when you don’t have many freelance writing projects to work on, you can alway’s will have Your own Writing Assignments on your own Blog(s) like for example writing Product Reviews (for example Book Reviews) to (Pre) Sell Products with doing Affiliate Marketing on you Blog(s)

    It’s also a great – Platform – for Networking with other Bloggers, Collect Readers Feedback and offer things like Public Speaking, Consultancy, Training, Workshops, Course Ware, an Agenda for Book Signings….,
    you name it!

    HP van Duuren recently posted..What Do You Think About My Book Review?My Profile

  • Interestingly, I think Chris has followed his own advice and is a very successful writer now, Anne.
    Sharon Hurley Hall recently posted..Have You Become Complacent With Your Freelance Writing Yet?My Profile

  • It’s absolutely phenomenal how much information you can find if you know where to look and who to ask. I languished forever waiting to take classes and whatnot. Once I started looking online, I found everything I needed — for free! It’s crazy.
    Amelia Ramstead recently posted..An Update on the Schedule ChangeMy Profile

    • Too much actually – the drinking from a fire hose begins only to describe it.

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