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4 Writing Sites I Didn’t Know About And Am Glad I Found

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Do you keep lists of websites stashed in miscellaneous files? I’ve been keeping a list here in draft posts. Here are some of them

Guerrilla Freelancing – mostly marketing tips I wouldn’t have thought of, and maybe you wouldn’t have either. But it’s not stricktly marketing. Consider Digital Detox: Do you really need social media to succeed as a freelancer? Tempting.

The Urban Muse – okay, I knew about this one but had totally forgotten it – I’ve been rediscovering it. You may want to too.

Websites For Writers brings wonderful surprises like today’s link to the 25 most beautiful libraries in the world at Flavorwire.

Help! ! I Need A Publisher! How could I resist a writing site that says, and I quote,

Nicola Morgan, the Crabbit Old Bat, is an award-winning author of around 90 books across many genres. She gives crabbitly honest advice to determined writers, here and in her books, WRITE TO BE PUBLISHED, WRITE A GREAT SYNOPSIS, and TWEET RIGHT – the Sensible Person’s Guide to Twitter.

Have you got a writing site or know of one we should know about here? Or other site that informs writers?


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