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Self-Publishing Links I Like – Resource Roundup Tuesday

When I went looking for images using the Creative Commons search of Flickr I could almost smell the chemicals we used to use when we wanted to make multiple copies of something using a mimeograph machine. Those machines allowed an early form of self-publishing, particularly of things like newsletters.

Obviously things have changed!

Self-publishing and ebook readers have made it possible to publish and sell works of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and the like without going through a traditional or trade publisher.

Although tech has made it possible to self-publish, it’s a brand new and often confusing field. These links will help you sort it all out.

There is a self-publishing category here and Writing With Vision also address self-publishing.

Peter Bowerman’s The Well-Fed Self-Publisher is still the go-to book about how to do it right.

Bowerman doesn’t yet address ebooks in detail, which isn’t surprising – the various formats are anything but simple to address. Smashwords is a site that will help you get ebooks together, but formatting for Kindle, the most popular ebook by far is still a problem.

Using Amazon’s CreateSpace is one approach – read the terms and conditions closely and consider how tightly you want your publishing and your sales point to be connected. I get a little uneasy giving Amazon that much power.

The Seattle Times has an article called Amazon.com trying to wring deep discounts from publishers which gives interesting insights about some of the major changes happening in publishing today. They also provided a transcript of a live debate they hosted with publishers and authors about Amazon – a valuable read if your considering self-publishing, or even trade publishing.

I’ve used Lulu.com with some success – I have six books there. So far I think they only offer .pdf for the Kindle – better than nothing. Their blog is often helpful and interesting.

A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing is a fairly strident and opinionated blog about self-publishing – I can’t decide if I really like it or not, but he does have some wonderful information from time-to-time.

The Book Designer provides a weekly selection of links to the self-publishing world in his “This Week in Blogs.” You’ll find a link on his left-column.

You’ll notice I don’t have a single link here to the service bureaus that heavily advertise they’ll help you publish and market your book. Many of them are a modern version of vanity publishing – they’ll sell you all sorts of services and you’ll end up with a handful of books and no profits at a huge cost. Be careful. Get references. Read Bowerman’s book so you know what you’re about.

What have you self-published? What are you considering self-publishing?


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  • Thanks for the link.

  • You can also find plenty of self publishing articles, resourcers and extensive reviews of many publishing services at http://www.theindependentpublishingmagazine.com

    We’ve been going nearly five years and covered a great deal on the changing face of the publishing world.
    TIPM recently posted..Frankfurt Book Fair 2012My Profile

  • Sure, I have tips for everything – read lots of them. 😉

  • Anne, This is super duper cool. I got to know of Kindle Publishing some days back & realized most books that sell are adventure & thrillers. Somehow I had an inkling to check your site for more & a search for kindle spit out so many results & guess what you have already published eBooks. This is simply wow. Any tips for writing some Thriller fiction? 😉
    Sarah Reece recently posted..Bluehost 3.95My Profile

  • “on his site ARE conversations,” that is.
    Leslea Tash recently posted..Nevermore’s Kelly CreaghMy Profile

  • Hi, Anne. I have subscribed to your enewsletter for years, so thanks for that. Felt I should speak up today.

    For a less opinionated, 360-degree approach to what’s going on in the indie publishing community, try David Gaughran’s blog: http://davidgaughran.wordpress.com/ He also has a free pdf version of his book Let’s Get Digital available for download on the site. Gaughran is very generous with advice, and the conversations on his site and truly conversations, with guests culled from all over the net. He also has no prejudice against traditional publishing (merely, as you will read from today’s entry) against ignorance.

    Any author interested in promoting his/her own work on the net will read Gaughran’s sales and marketing reports with great interest. He’s truly creative, and he’s got a bonafide journalistic approach to what’s going on with publishing, today. I hope you’ll check it out.
    Leslea Tash recently posted..Dark Fantasy Author Red Tash: Shéa MacLeod stops by Writer Wednesday!My Profile

  • Hmmmmm, great idea for a post, thanks.

  • You’re welcome, Sharon… love your stuff.

  • Gilbert P.

    Hello Anne! Thanks for this! I have not tried self-publishing yet but I will consider it soon! What are the advantages of self-publishing?

    Thanks for this post!

    -Girlbert P.

  • Great resources, Anne, and thanks for including my article.
    Sharon Hurley Hall recently posted..My Blogging Adventures 2012My Profile

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