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Do You Track Your Time?

Office Time which makes a time tracking app is running their annual survey about Time Tracking. I’m posting the link to their survey because tracking my time works for me as long as I don’t go crazy and they’ll share the results with us when the survey is done.


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  • Tracey

    No, I don’t report hours because I don’t get paid by the hour. My pay is based on the original length of the manuscript that I have to edit–half up front and half when I’m done.

    • Makes sense, unless you want to track just for your own knowledge.

  • Yes I do track time both for myself (can get really swayed into reading online. Big time Blog Foodie) & a couple of virtual assistants I hire from Philippines. Will take the survey tonight.

  • I’m only tracking my time for a client I have a retainer with. It’s just for me (I’m not reporting hours). I never did a retainer before and want to see how my estimates measure up against reality. But, I’ll go take the survey. Thanks, Anne.

    • Sounds like a good reason… I find I know how much time many writing and other things I do take, and sometimes I’l surprised.

  • I used that tool for a while, so I’ll go check out the survey. Thanks, Anne.

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