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Four For Friday Writing Fun – From Time-To-Time

Freelance Writing Fun At The BeachOkay, here’s the deal. Rather than promise Friday Fun every week I’ll do it when I’m inspired. But really, try to have some fun every Friday – every day really.

Here are four, unless you also count the quote – then it’s five.

I love this by Thomas Edison:  I never did a day’s work in my life. It was all fun.

As always Creative Copy Challenge is great for Friday fun or any other day of the week. Besides, it’s creative play with words so it’s as much practice for us as it is fun.

For novel writers or game players or just for the heck of it, try the Random Name Generator – everything phony including addresses, cc numbers and email. Might actually help in creating a story.

Try some random writing prompts – when your stuck or just want to fiddle around.

Writing trivia intrigue you? Everything from Critical Theory to Useless Info – some of it is fun.

I plan to do some gardening this weekend – just enough of it to be fun.

What are you planning?


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  • I remember I wrote an entrance exam for an Architecture College (Didn’t make it ;-)) years ago, where they would give aspirants 5 Keywords on which you had to write a 500 word story which was then evaluated by psychologists. But the exercise was amazing & brought out so very interesting stories.
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    • I’ll bet, and if you liked that, have you tried CreativeCopyChallenge? Some idea, but no psychologists!

      • Just Googled them & went to their site. What a fun this is. Never knew something like this existed. I am sure the community would do a far better job than such psychologists :P. Have you tried it? If yes, share the post link if possible.
        Sarah Reece recently posted..BluehostMy Profile

  • cmichaelsny

    The reason is that comedy is a subjective medium, influenced by age and gender, and based on the level of education, and part of the world, the audience and comedian hail from..
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  • I’m deep into a 30-day blog challenge (and enjoying it, of course!), plus a boatload of work for this month, so I guess I’ll be working mostly, BUT
    Greek Orthodox Easter is next week, so next w/e I’ll take some time off and catch up with friends and family.
    WritersWritingWords (Eleni) recently posted..Can Blogging Challenges Lift You To Seventh Heaven?My Profile

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