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5 Non-Writing Blogs I Still Like – Resource Roundup Tuesday

Okay, we’re writers, right? And there are a ton of good blogs about writing out there – some of you reading this have one or more of those.

There are also blogs that are not aimed at writing that spark the imagination and help ground us in our work. Here are five of my favorites. All five have been around for years but they stay fresh, fun and helpful.

Seth Goodin’s Blog – I’m not sure if Seth talks about life, explains his philosophy or explains marketing – all three, probably and a whole lot more.

LifeHacker – everything from your computer to making Ikea furniture interesting – seems like I always find something interesting there.

HeartofBusiness – Sufi Master Mark Silver is an effective consultant/trainer for those of us who own small businesses. Lots of free resources.

ProBlogger – Darren Rowse still has probably the best overall blog for bloggers.

ZenHabits – Okay, I practice, at least some of the time, Zen Buddhism but this blog is ideal for anyone working at home.

What are your favorite non-writing blogs? 


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