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Writers – What’s On Your Desk?

Not mine! From Creative Commons

John Soares posted The Well-Organized Freelance Writer’s Home Office.

He’s way more organized than I am… but he did spark a partial cleanup. Here’s a list of what’s on mine:

  • computer, keyboard & monitor, mouse
  • lamp
  • phone, in its charger tied to a headset
  • empty tea cup
  • half-empty coffee cup
  • box of tissues on top of my box of bills
  • Ganesh statue, a latte steaming pitcher full of pens, pencils, pencil led and a dry paint brush I use to clean up my keyboard
  • open notebook
  • 4 pens scattered around
  • two small notebooks
  • address/phone number book
  • purse
  • folded towel for MzTiz
  • coaster I made
  • stack of misc. papers… not too high at the moment

So what’s on your desk?


Image: AttributionShare Alike Some rights reserved by mandiberg

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  • Thanks for asking Anne,

    I also already wrote about some of the items that are on my desk in a post of mine titled: ‘Writer’s Workspaces that Inspire’ It’s a post that actually has been in my Most Popular Post-List for a long time already.

    In that post I wrote about it rather general and besides the Cordless Keyboard and – Mouse I also have things like a Rolodex and an Impressive looking Double Penholder.

  • jorge kafkazar

    I spy an empty space the size and shape of a Ganesh statue; a glass Batman cup; last week’s Fantasy 5 ticket; a wooden box i carved; a small bug made from a coffee bean; eight (8) pencil cups (holding a brayer, tools, 3′ long dental mirror, keyboard toothbrush, dry ballpoint pens, etc). A timer so I know when to get up and dance the kazataky; a flyer for my play (now playing in North Hollywood), a Pooh alarm clock; four 3.5″ floppies; a friend’s note from 1993; & a discount coupon for a massage.

    • lol, and how old is the massage coupon? My 3/5″ are in a waterproof box, from when I used ’em and lived on a boat… ages ago.

  • The state of my desk usually gives a pretty good indication of the state of my day. It seems strange to me that the messier the desk, the more I’ve accomplished in the day. I spend the later hours of the night clearing it off and getting things ready for morning. Right now, there’s a desk lamp, a small inspirational calendar (gift from my sister), several sticky notes actually stuck to my desktop with reminders for things I’ll likely never get around to, my laptop, an extra monitor, a phone charger, the TV remote (gathering dust right now), a few pens, a mouse, a self-healing cutting mat (I don’t know why), an almond-shaped wooden candy dish filled with candy, a stapler, the book “Tess of the D’Urbervilles”, some business cards, a notepad, a school folder and my iPad in need of charging.

    • Wendy, I’ve never been able to relate the state of my desk to my productivity… I know that works for some, but somehow not for me.

  • Ganesh statue? 🙂 Honey, kleenex, mugs (dirty!), bowl, stack of paper, mugs full of pens, and plastic knife (inherited).

  • And need for new keyboard, Drat!
    Clara Freeman recently posted..How To Clone Yourself To Create More Income- Yvonne BynoeMy Profile

  • A glass of juice-fruit. pink breast ca awareness pin, oads of oose paper for note taking, granddtr toy, paper tissues and saucer with smatherings of veggie dip:)
    Clara Freeman recently posted..How To Clone Yourself To Create More Income- Yvonne BynoeMy Profile

  • Let’s see… at the moment, my phone, a notebook, a roll of toilet paper (subbing for tissues at the moment), some letters I need to open, 2 glasses, my cereal bowl from this morning (time to take a break and make a kitchen run, lol), a hair doodad… it’s actually not bad at the moment!
    Amelia Ramstead recently posted..Zombie Blueberries!!My Profile

  • Mine is a catchall for stuff I mean to file and haven’t gotten to yet. This habit will be gone soon, as one of my NY resolutions!

    There are letter trays, a scanner, a big laptop (I work on the couch with my small laptop on a tray from Bed, Bath and Beyond), an overflowing pen carousel, a mouse, the folder with my tax stuff in it, a business card holder, a Post-it holder, a hard drive, and some speakers. Next to it is a printer table with my huge HP 4050N laser printer I bought used for printing manuscripts. You can’t print a 400-page manuscript with an inkjet–you’ll kill it.

    There is a drawer in my desk for files and another file cabinet under the printer. That end of the floor is slightly slanted. I need to put shims under the desk and files because the drawers sometimes mysteriously open on their own!

    Right now it’s the neatest it’s been in a long time!
    Elizabeth West recently posted..Becoming and BlockingMy Profile

  • tinafreysd

    My whole day long won’t be completed if my desk don’t have a set.up of my laptop, printer, scanner, note pad, pens and a picture frame with my husband… I know if someone touch it, because I arrange it according with my fashion… 🙂

  • Well the desk in the picture is pretty close to mine 😉

    Interesting post, sometimes it’s good to write something other than hardcore freelance writing advice, something light!
    Ali | Writers Blog recently posted..How To Improve Your Blog – 7 Things Your Blog Readers Are Dying ForMy Profile

  • Nesh

    What’s on my desk right now would be the computer, my cellphone, my lunch, a water bottle, ballpen and a mug. Not so much in it because I’d like my table to be as spacious as possible so that I can work and move freely. Too bad I don’t have a Ganesh statue. 🙂
    Nesh recently posted..guitar tab booksMy Profile

  • I have a smurfette and two My Little Ponies. And their MINE, not my daughter’s! 🙂

  • Johny Brown

    You have almost everything in your table.
    I don’t have a self made coaster and no Ganesh statue as well.


  • self made coaster, nice move!
    inspirational quotes recently posted..Happiness Quotes #30My Profile

    • I love to do hand building with clay once in a while.

  • Adrienne

    There are actually a lot of things in my desk and sometimes, I must admit that it can also affect the work I have…i find time to make it organized…
    Adrienne recently posted..Ernest BeckerMy Profile

    • I get mine organized fairly often too… then it just messes itself up! I swear! 😉

  • John, the digital voice recorder is a great idea!

    My desk has legos, an etch a sketch, something that I think might be a cornflake (not mine! I never eat at the desk), a pile of random papers with I think a few CDs in there, a small tamborine, two entwined pairs of headphones, notebooks full of stuff I wrote a few years and have since forgotten about… oh, and a computer. I really am going to tidy up here… tomorrow maybe.

  • Hrm…I would have taken a picture of my desk in it’s current state; but I can’t seem to find the camera under all this stuff…

    • jorge kafkazar

      We would have assumed the pic was photoshopped, anyway, Josh.

      • Jorge, I never thought of photoshopping a pix of my desk… 😉

  • I have a cup with pencils, pens, and dry erase markers in it…and that’s it. My business phone is attached to the wall near my desk along with my lamp, my laptop is here with me at the library (but it goes back on the desk when I get home), and my notebooks and other office supplies are kept in the pullout drawer underneath the top surface of my desk.

    I generally keep a clean desk. And it’s glass so I generally keep it wiped clean as well. That desk in the picture scares me.

    • Wow, you’ve got as little on your desk as John Soares… I am impressed.

  • Thanks for the mention of my post Anne!

    Here’s what’s on my desk:

    * computer
    * 2012 planner
    * to-do list for today
    * blue pen
    * digital voice recorder

    That’s it!
    John Soares recently posted..The Well-Organized Freelance Writer’s Home OfficeMy Profile

    • John, I’m so glad I know you and I’m so glad we don’t live together – it simply wouldn’t work. 😉

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