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5 Of My Favorite Freelance Writing Tips

writer's pencilAwhile back I posted 30 Days of Writing Tips. Since the nature of blogging means the good stuff tends to get pushed way down and out of site I thought I’d list my 5 favorites from that list.

Just Start – I like this one because it’s a perfect way to break up procrastination, self-doubt and any of the other myriad reasons I may have to do something other than write.

Just Keep Writing – Once you’ve gotten started, sticking to it is often the very best thing you can do.

Bookending – this is probably my all time favorite tip for everything including writing. I often bookend because its a quick and easy way to make myself accountable and to break out of isolation.

Be Willing To Fail – When I give up all notions of doing things perfectly, when I become willing to fail, it’s much easier to start something and to write something and to call an editor… one of the advantages of getting older is I’m more willing to fail.

Read It Out Loud – When you read your writing as part of your proofing and editing process your ear will pick up what you’re eye can’t see.

Make Sure Clients Can Contact You – I’m totally mystified when I can’t easily find a phone number and email address on a website. How the heck are clients going to hire you if they can’t even contact you? Sigh.

What’s your favorite writing tip?


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  • “Be willing to fail” – yes! I get so paralysed by perfectionism that this year I made “Make More Mistakes” as my New Year’s Resolution.

    It really helps – if I find that I can’t get started on something because I fear I’m going to do it wrong, I remind myself that, this year, I am *supposed* to do it wrong. It sounds daft, but it really does help.

    It’s not to say I submit bad work, just that it breaks down the barrier so I can get started.

    • ‘Make more mistakes’ sounds like a wonderful goal for a true perfectionist… well done!

  • Jennifer

    I think using your given name is a personal choice. My ‘pen name’ reflects my interests, looks professional while and unique with just a touch of humor. Just remember that if you’re looking for decent paying gigs, you don’t want to apply to them with ‘boobsmcgeewriter’. Try to use a name that says something about you, a positive image you want to project. Or, use a ‘real sounding’ name that isn’t your own, i.e; Stephen King writes as Richard Bachman.
    Jennifer recently posted..Wedding MusicMy Profile

    • Makes sense, Jennifer… pen names have a long solid history among writers. I don’t use one but that doesn’t mean others shouldn’t.

  • Make a soundtrack for a writing project (works better for fiction). I like to do this and listen to it while I’m working on the project. It gets me in the right frame of mind. I find I focus better if I have something to ignore, and TV is too distracting. Music is perfect.

    You can customize playlists in a media player for each character, if that works for you, or just compose something in the general mood. Instrumental music is best because there are no distracting lyrics.
    Elizabeth West recently posted..Gran Torino: Hollywood Gets it RightMy Profile

    • jorge kafkazar

      I’ve been thinking of doing this for a screenplay I’m working on. Certain scenes have very heavy mood and I suspect would be better if written to a track. (Not that it will be used in the final production; that won’t happen.) The problem I have is running through a jillion possibilities to find the right three or four pieces. I don’t have an extensive CD collection. Any suggestions?

      • I don’t have a suggestion, Jorge – others might.

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