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How Do I Market My Book?

Question and Answers for Freelance WritersHi Anne,

I’m considering self-publishing (I like to call it self-printed) a novel. Let’s assume for purposes of this discussion that it truly is an undiscovered gem.

How do I get it in the public’s eye and get it sold?



Hi BG,

Ah, yes, that’s exactly the question isn’t it. In a very real way your term, self-printed, is much more accurate than self-published and reflects the marketing problem.

And even if you had a trade publisher you’d still want to participate in marketing your book – in fact more and more trade publishers require it now.

Take some time with the self-publishing category here. I particularly like Authors Need To Do Stuff and Thinking About Self-Publishing.

There are lots of resources out there. If you did, for example, one thing from 1001 Ways To Market Your Book every day I think you’d soon see some sales.

Marketing your book is serious business. That doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, but you’ve got to really work at it, day after day after day. It’s that consistency that’s most likely to get your book noticed.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.

Do you have a question about freelance writing? Send me an email with Q&A in the subject line and I’ll do my best to get it answered.


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