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5 Freelance Writing Problems and Solutions

Resource Roundup TuesdayThese five posts address some of the typical problems freelance writers have and point to solid solutions.

10 Ways To Break Up Writer’s Block or Writer’s Anxiety

Stephen J. Cannell Talks About Writer’s Block – Videos About Writing – I love his approach!

Writing Even When Things Go Wrong

One Way To Get Your Own Freelance Writing Done

Finding Balance As A Freelance Writer

 Each comes from the Getting Started category where you’ll find many more articles about how to get started and how to keep working in freelance writing.

What problems would you like to see addressed here?


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  • Thank you for posting this! I found the article on finding balance especially useful

    • Finding balance is tricky, particularly when the kids are young.

  • Valerie Bolden-Barrett

    Stephen Cannell is right when he says the need to be perfect often triggers what we call “writer’s block.” We start the editing process before we begin writing. I used to fret over finding that one “right” sentence or word to start a paragraph. Now I insert capital Xs or nonsensical words as place markers in the text, then come back later with a solution.

    I also take periodic breaks from writing to get recharged.

    • Valerie, that’s what I do… usually xxxs so I can search for them – and I wouldn’t know perfection if it knocked on the door and introduced itself.

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