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5 Of My Favorite Posts For Freelance Writers

round up of articles

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There are more than 1,300 posts on this blog!

That number blows me away because most of the writing has been pretty easy. I love this kind of writing and I love the community commenting on blogs makes.

Here are a few of my favorite posts. I think I like these because they help you keep things simple and give you practical advice that easy to follow.

I want you to be daring and to write and submit and query and make it all work for you.

The 3 Secrets To A Profitable Freelance Writing Career

How To Get Started Writing With Your Weekly Newspaper

8 Sample Market Searches For Freelance Writing Jobs

How I’d Look For A Freelance Writing Job

Sample Invoice for Writing & Editing Work

 Do you have a favorite post? Let me know and I’ll post it in another roundup. And yes, it’s okay if you don’t remember the exact title.


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