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Two More About Trade Magazines + A Webinar

webinarDid you know our original Trade Magazine Webinar was so popular Lori and I are doing it again? We are, and we hope you join us.

In addition to highlighting 11 Trade Magazine Sites to demonstrate at least some of the incredible variety available, there are two other articles here about writing for the trades:

Cathy Miller’s Is Corporate Ghostwriting for Trade Publications Right for You? This experienced writer gives an overview of trade magazine writing, focusing on why you might want to do it and how it work.

How to Write for Trade Magazines is a post that outlines the method of writing for trades and includes another short handful of trade magazines you might want to write for.

Although the articles mentioned scratch the surface, they don’t give you everything you need to know about writing for trades.Trade magazines are different animals than the consumer magazines so many writers want to write for.

The differences include things like:

They can be hard to find. Oh, lots of them are listed in obvious sources like Writer’s Market, but many more aren’t. In fact it can be said that finding trades requires a whole different mind set.

Trade magazine editors require a subtly different approach than editors of consumer magazines and newspapers.

Regular assignments can be easier to come by, but only if you truly understand what a trade magazine is trying to accomplish.

These and other almost secrets are the reason Lori Widmer and I have put together a terrific webinar called 31 Days To Trade Magazine Profits.

It’s a two-session series that will be recorded both for reference and in case you can’t actually attend. A full report of the webinar, including links and tips, will be given to each registrant.

There’s a special early registration price that ends in less than a week, and that also includes a free month in our 5 Buck Forum.

Register now so you don’t forget and miss the deadline.

And if you’ve got questions about writing for the trades you can post them here if you like.


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