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11 Trade Magazine Sites – Resource Roundup Tuesday

Trade magazines can be a great source of income for freelance writers. What’s amazing is the number and variety of trades out there.

Here are some trade magazine blogs and websites, chosen to demonstrate the variety of trade magazines (and barely scratching the surface):

Yahoo Trade Magazine Directory – great place to poke around.

Professional and Trade Magazines – at Wikipedia… another great list to explore with.

Editor & Publisher – read by those in trade publishing. Expensive, but a great place for writers if you can crack it. Your library may have it.

Attire Accessories – showcasing fashion accessory suppliers for those selling fashion.

QSR – teaching the fast food industry how to do it better or at least faster.

ISHN – for safety and environmental professionals – chemicals, news of violations, etc. for the safety professional.

Tire Industry Association – yes, tires for cars. And note, this is an association. Many associations have their own trade magazine.

Pet Age – one of several trades for those in the pet business.

Funeral Business Advisor – one of several.

Candy Industry – how sweet it is.

Yes, if you use it, buy it, go there, need it, the chances are there’s a trade magazine out there that you can write for.

Amazing isn’t it?

Find specific trades by googling. For example try: writing trade magazines

Try it with other trades and professions you know or want to know something about.

Do you know of an industry trade magazine? Tell us about it.

Write well and often,


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