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6 Ways New Writers Can Overcome Fear & Write Their Truth – A Guest Post

Clara Freeman is a freelance writer who blogs at http://clara54.wordpress.com

I was watching an episode of the Reality TV series, Love & Hip Hop,  when I was struck by something a record producer was telling the manager of an aspiring singer and songwriter, who once performed with 50 Cent, the  rapper & entrepreneur.  According to the producer, the singer could become the next best thing in music if she’d only learn to share her true self with her fans.

I thought back to how I first started out in my freelance writing career. I had been a “closet” writer for many years, only showing bits and pieces of my creative side to my husband, before joining a local poetry group, where I found I was on constant edge reading my work in front of other people. I conquered up all types of negatives in how my work was being received.

Frustrated at the lack of self confidence I exhibited at these forums, I finally decided to take a creative writing course. In that course the instructor had us to keep a journal of our daily thoughts and mental meanderings. I found that I enjoyed the interactions of like minded creatives so much. Imagine my surprise and pleasure and ultimately, fear, when the instructor had me to stand and read to the class a passage from my journal!

In the sidebar of my journal she had written something about how I was often quiet in nature, but “shouted out with brilliance and vibrancy in my writing.”  Now, she said, I must do the work to get to the core of living out my passion and purpose.

I was floored, frightend and feeling overwhelmed. How could I even comprehend living out my passion and purpose when I was a wife, mother, nurse, and  sometime poet?

How could I move into all of her suggestions to tackle Speech Writing, Journalism, Theatre, Fiction Writing and so on?

I didn’t tell anyone about all of this good writing advice received from that creative writing instructor mainly, because I was paralyzed with fear. Fear of change, the unknown, rejections and just a deep fear of upsetting my family dynamics!

I suppose I might have coasted along this path of not living out my passion and purpose if life hadn’t intervened. After experiencing  a divorce, empty-nest syndrome and job loss, I did a complete reevaluation of who I was as a human being, woman, writer,and productive member of society. I began to reawaken to the possibilty of becoming that writer within and somehow getting to live the life I was destined to live as a freelance writer, author and advocate for the “underdog.”

There are times even now, when I think back on all of those motivating factors influencing my work as a writer. My fascination with reading, writing, and the realization of how words work to promote change. I now pen words from a placce of having lived and learned from living life experiences. I help to inspire, shape, and motivate women to live their best lives by reawakening to their passion and purpose!

Following your passion and defining your purpose isn’t going to be an easy journey- take it from someone who has “Walked The Talk.”  Once the journey to living your truth is awakened, there will be no stopping this gift  to create. As a writer, I’m constantly moved to react to things perceived to be holding people back from living out their full potential. Here are just some of the lessons I want to impart to the freelance writer on a journey to becoming :

  1. Fight the fear. There will be times when fear will become all consuming and keep you awake at night. Know this; you’re not alone. Every great writer has been down this road of uncertainty. Fight the fear and lessen the power it has over you.
  2. Define your passion.  What is it that keeps you in a happy space when you’re writing? What are you impassioned about so much that you’re biting at the bit to share with the world? Define your passion and let it guide you to your purpose.
  3. Use your purpose. Of course, When you’re passionate about something, the foundation to purpose is laid out as your guide to creating your brand, which ultimately defines who you are.
  4. Say no to naysayers. Don’t allow other people opinion of how you should be, become a deterrent to who you are. It’s more than ok to look to people whose direction  and advice you  trust to help set you on the path to creating your vision. But, be aware that not everyone will have your best interest in mind as they operate from their own agenda.
  5. Write. Write. Write. When you’re down, discouraged, happy, healthy, and feeling whole. Always write to your heart’s content. It’s not necessary that everything you pen be for others to read and comment upon. Just keep those creative juices flowing, so much so, that fear becomes a distant thing of the past.
  6. Write from a place of humility. Don’t go getting the big head!

I could go on, simply because I’m impassioned to assist you on your freelance writing  journey. But, you get it, I’m sure of it!

Clara Freeman is a freelance writer, author and advocate for the “underdog” as she refers to women, children and the elderly. She blogs at http://clara54.wordpress.com.  To read more of her motivational work and download a copy of her ebook, A Life Toward Authenticity; My Authentic Woman Story,  visit her website at http://authentic-woman.net  

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