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SOPA Morphs Into PIPA

stop sopa and pipaLast month (12/19/2011) I wrote about Why American Writers Must Care About SOPA. (And as someone pointed out, it’s a world-’round problem.)

Now we’re dealing with the Senate Version.  Named an awkward Protect IP or PIPA, it too is aimed at anti-piracy.

That’s a worthy goal, but the notion that the government knows which IP addresses or which internet servers should be shut down is ludicrous.

And letting sites be shut down simply because someone says they should be is even worse – there ‘s no review process or appeal.

That’s what they did in Egypt and do in China. It’s not what I want here in the U.S.

The infographic at ReadWriteEnterprise give a pretty decent overview of the problem.

Most agree that SOPA/PIPA won’t do anything but interfere with freedom. They would allow censorship and they wouldn’t stop piracy.

Do I have a way to stop the theft of intellectual property on the ‘net?

Heck no.

The freedom of the internet, which often looks a like like chaos, does permit those so inclined to exploit it for illegal gains. I get that and eve wish it were otherwise. But so far none of the suggestions from Congress have made any real sense and I doubt the solution will come from there.

There may not be a solution, at least in any final sense. After all, speed limits don’t stop speeders, but we don’t shut down the highways to stop people from driving too fast.

Let’s not shut down or cripple the internet because some people are thieves.

You can contact your representative by typing in your zip code at Congress.org in the Find Your Lawmakers box. From there you’re a couple of clicks away from a phone number – give ’em a call and tell them you vote and you’re opposed to PIPA and anything like it.

Tell us what happens when you call.


Image: Attribution Some rights reserved by DonkeyHotey

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  • Good for you – this blog is blacked out for the first visit today… nifty.

  • Check out my blog; I blacked it out for the protest tomorrow. (Free Wordpress won’t let me do a plugin that would have made it actually go down, so I had to change the theme and post a different header.) I’ll change it back after the protest, but I won’t stop protesting SOPA/PIPA!


    I included an infographic telling more about the legislation’s effects.
    Elizabeth West recently posted..Next PostMy Profile

  • Thanks Cathy… I could be a political junkie if I let myself go, but I get to angry.

  • This a very relevant and trending topic. You explained your points clearly. Why we need to abide with this kind of stuff in the first place?

    Thanks for enlightening me.

    -Lea Dee

  • Anne, to me, it’s useless and weird! The internet industry is far bigger than the entertainment industry, and they are backing the wrong horse here. Sad and clueless move!
    Ron’s Copywriting Blog recently posted..Article Marketing is Out, Guest Posting is In?My Profile

  • Mark Volansky

    I am not really pleased with the decision taken against these sort of thing. I definitely think this was harsh in some way for many people. I would like to appreciate your post for giving such valuable information.

    Mark Volansky recently posted..Brainwave EntrainmentMy Profile

  • Anne: I so appreciate you providing this information. It’s worrisome how little reaction there seems to be – at least from my perspective. Tweeting…
    Cathy Miller recently posted..Posts in Friday Lite ReviewMy Profile

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