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Show Off Your Freelance Writer’s Website

dot com for writersYou know I firmly believe every single freelance writer who is even remotely serious about their career must have their own site promoting their writing. I mean, how else, this day and age, are potential writing clients going to find you?

Writer’s websites are in the air today.

Over at LinkedIN there’s a group called The Freelance Writer’s Connection. (Search groups and join if it sounds useful.)

Several days ago Lisa Jo Rudy (http://www.lisajorudy.com/)  started a thread on writer’s websites. There are some lovely and powerful ones there. And there are some interesting posts by the writers about their sites – why they have them, etc.

I’d no sooner plowed through those when Carol Tice’s newsletter came in announcing a contest titled: Win a Free, Video Review of Your Writer Website.

I entered with my own self- promo site, AnneWayman.com. You may want to enter too.

I’d love to see the site that promotes you as a writer, or find out why you don’t have one.

Post in comments and let’s talk about it.


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  • Yes, Darren is a true stand-up guy and rescued me as gallantly as if he’d actually rode up on a white horse. Thank you for your kind words about the design.

    Samantha Gluck recently posted..Check Back Often for Exciting EventsMy Profile

  • Careful Ron, you’ll give away my secrets… topics out of nowhere indeed 😉 Actually I’ve honed that skill over years.

  • Heck, Amelia, not only are my sites works in progress… so am I!

  • You don’t need to know that with wordpress, honest

  • Love the site name, wordhelper… and yes, every now and again sites have to be updated. Good job.

  • Darren makes a good knight in shining armor. And you’re right, the design is excellent.

  • You’re welcome… your linkedin post inspired me. Hey just realized your an about.com guide – to autism… I was a guide there for years… your site is excellent.

  • Yeah, just do it for sure. Let us know when you get it up.

  • Interesting views, Anne. Keep up the good work! I like how you can churn out new subjects out of nowhere.

  • Mine is definitely still a work in progress, but it looks a lot better than it used to.

    Amelia Ramstead recently posted..The Talents I Don’t HaveMy Profile

  • Ali

    Thanks Anne for letting your regular readers know about the compeition. I wish aboutfreelancewriting very best of luck for the competition 🙂
    Ali recently posted..How to Drive Loads of Traffic Without Spending A Penny – SECRET Tactics ExposedMy Profile

  • It’s that php, ftp, mysql, abcdefg stuff that mostly makes me cringe – but then, I’ve survived worse… 😀
    Helenee recently posted..Greek Christmas Traditions updated Tue Dec 20 2011 2:11 am ESTMy Profile

  • Hi Anne,

    The URL for my website is http://www.wordhelper.com.

    I initially had someone develop the website for me in 2003. That worked pretty well, but last year, I decided that the old site looked dated, so I had the website redeveloped and redesigned in September of this year.

    If you have time, I would love to get feedback on it from your or your readers. Thanks.

  • Hi Anne,

    I’ve had a site since I actually left the corporate jungle and plunged into freelancing full-time. However, since my specialty was and is medical writing, I only had the Medtopicwriter site for the first year and a half of going it full-time. I launched my writer’s website this past September — not without a hacker posing as a designer first taking hundreds of dollars from me and Darren Rowse himself coming to my rescue first — and due to budget constraints had to tone down my fabulous plans for the design. But, Darren’s designer did a wonderful job with the budget I still had in tact. I’d welcome any suggestions you could give me.


    Samantha Gluck recently posted..Take Your Writing from Fail to Festive by Ramping Up the StyleMy Profile

  • Hey – thanks for noticing my post on LinkedIn! Looks like a lot of folks are chiming in with their URLs, which is kind of fun. Always interesting to see what other writers are doing.

    Lisa Jo Rudy recently posted..As the Year Draws to a Close, Projects Continue to BloomMy Profile

  • I think it’s tech-phobia that makes me delay – I know it’s easy, I’ve heard and read this so many times, but the very first time seems always somehow scary.

    In fact, I was checking backgrounds and colour schemes just a few minutes ago: I’ll have a website before 2011 is out the door, even if it’s still ugly. Like the sports brand: Just do it.
    Helenee recently posted..Greek Christmas Traditions updated Tue Dec 20 2011 2:11 am ESTMy Profile

  • Hi Ann,
    Use video to promote your writing.

  • Hello,
    I’m a writer, and really don’t mean to spam you, but I can help you promote your writer’s website. I do PowerPoint with highest of audio quality, then, turn it into video – you can put it ANYWHERE, because there are several video formats. I promote myself this way. Thank you.
    David A. Boyington
    David A. Boyingotn recently posted..Musicians, Singers, SongwritersMy Profile

  • susanmorganonline.com

    Just to have the link a bit more obvious, Sue. Personal contacts are always best.

  • I’ve had a site since I started freelancing, Anne, and it looks very different today from the six page static site I first built. Now it’s based on WordPress and I blog occasionally as well as having a front page that’s a one-stop shop for my services. I’ve linked it in the website field instead of my usual writing blog.

  • HI Anne,
    I do have a website, and have for several years. I’m not a technical person, so I’m not using anything fancy, but I do keep work samples there, a feed of tweets. My personal blog is there as well. I started it as a way to showcase my writing work… but I continue to get more clients by other means… mostly personal contacts.

    Still I think it’s important for writer to have a well written website… and would welcome any comments or suggestions to make mine better.

    Thanks for sharing,

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