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Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Freelance Writers

gifts for writersA guest post by Larisa Redins


If you are looking for a truly unique way to surprise a writer on your holiday list, you should definitely consider getting a writer a product called a glowbox available at glowbox.com.  This gift is an original one as it comes in a luxuriously wrapped box with several gifts inside the package – which are also very beautifully wrapped.  The best part about this gift is that you can fully customize the gift to suit the particular tastes of the gift receiver.  For instance, when you purchase the gift online, you can specify that the gift recipient is a writer that loves to travel in his or her spare time.  Then, the elves at glowbox will automatically customize the gift box for you – which in turn both pleases the gift recipient and saves you precious time “searching for that perfect gift” in the process.   In addition, when you purchase one of these gifts, you also “give back” to the community.  Simply enter a unique tracking code online to see who or what organization benefited from your purchase.

Spa Gift Certificates

Writing is hard work, right?  Then why not reward the writer in your life for all of her or his toiling with a spa gift certificate?  Whether this gift certificate is for a manicure, pedicure, facial, massage, or other spa related activity, this gift will truly be appreciated.  After all, while we all may think about spending a “day at the spa” from time to time, this purchase is not usually a purchase someone usually makes for themselves.  Thus, you truly cannot go wrong by purchasing a spa gift certificate for that special someone on your list.

Restaurant or Catering Gift Certificate

With days spent ensuring that their writing reaches a level of perfection, some writers may be guilty of neglecting their taste buds from time to time.  To correct this need, why not purchase a restaurant or catering gift certificate for your favorite writer?  Of course, before purchasing either certificate, it may be wise to know what type of food the gift recipient enjoys.


While writers do not necessarily need a tablet per se to complete day-to-day tasks, they definitely are very helpful.  From reading the latest novel, to conducting relevant article research, to taking notes, a tablet is an extremely convenient way to both work and unwind after a busy day.

Bookstore Gift Card

Still can’t decide what to get that writer on your gift list?  In that case, you can always go with the tried and true – a gift card to a bookstore.  After all, what writer cannot use more books?  From novels to marketing to how-to books, there surely is something that will please any type of writer at a bookstore.  Further, as some of the larger chain bookstores now sell DVDs, CDs, and even household items, there surely is something to please the finicky writer on your holiday list.

Well there you go!  Now there is no excuse not to get the writer in your life a special gift this holiday season. J

Larisa Redins is a full time writer and editor with degrees in both Arts and Biological Science. She writes articles and marketing copy for a variety of international websites, magazines, and other clients.

Two newsletters:
Abundant Freelance Writing – a resource for freelance writers including 3x a week job postings.
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  • I have asked for bookstore gift cards many many many many times. My sister-in-law will kindly get them for me. I love her!
    Elizabeth West recently posted..Favorite Movies to Watch at ChristmasMy Profile

  • The spa gift certificate is a great idea.

    Many writers get stuck up in their heads hammering out thoughts and crafting those thoughts into polished sentences. A mani-pedi or massage is often just the thing the writer in your life could use to come back to their body.

    And most writers I know (me included!) almost never think to treat themselves to a luxurious spa visit. Give them the gift certificate and make sure they use it!
    Claudia recently posted..How Does a Fish Pedicure Feel?My Profile

  • Thanks for your post Larisa Redins,

    I like your ideas, on my – Writer’s Lifestyle – Blog I actually have a special page titled: ‘Your Writer’s Kit’. with in it basically a list of some Products that I do think would appeal to Writer’s.

    On that List for example – amung other things – you can find:

    a (Writer’s) Desk Chair, a Laptop,
    Trade Mag. Subscriptions etc. etc.

    On that List you can also find things like Coffee Machines and Espresso Machines, only since I recently got a Readers Comment about taking Tea-breaks instead of Coffee-breaks, now on that page you can also find a Water Cooker for making Tea 🙂

    Happy Holliday’s, and Best Wishes for 2012
    HP van Duuren recently posted..New Years Resolution: Buying a Laptop for your Big & Small Writing Goals.My Profile

  • Sharon – I hear you! 🙂

  • I know I don’t need a tablet, but they certainly appeal to my gadget-loving gene. :0)
    Sharon Hurley Hall recently posted..Season’s GreetingsMy Profile

    • Yes, those Tablets certainly are appealing, and I undersand that Logitech also has a special Keyboard Case that can make them even more attractive especially for Writer’s.

      (Although currently I don’t (pre) sell them on my Blog, (yet) because I usually only sell products that I have myself, or really know something about, and currently I don’t have one myself.)
      HP van Duuren recently posted..New Years Resolution: Buying a Laptop for your Big & Small Writing Goals.My Profile

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