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108 Things I’m Grateful For – 2011

gratitudeSeveral years ago, Rev Guy Williams challenged me and other in a class he gave to count out 100 reasons we were grateful every single day for a week. At first it seemed impossible, but as I became able to count more and more ways I was grateful I began to lose track. Eventually I realized I had a lovely set of Mala beads of Lapis lazuli – the longer string with 108 beads. I began to use them to count off  “my gratitudes.”

I don’t remember the first Thanksgiving Day I actually listed 108 things I’m grateful for on the web, but it’s become a tradition of mine.

If you actually read the list you’ll discover big things, little things and lots of people. Being willing to list all sorts of things is the key to a gratitude list. Cathy Miller is a writing buddy of mine and when I listed her and looked up her website low and behold she’s got 50 Thanksgiving Gifts I Am Grateful For.

I know we’re onto something here – if you want to join us with your own list of 3 things or 5 things or 10 or any other number you choose, please do so, and if it’s on your own blog, post the link here and I’ll gather them up. Or you can just make your list in comments here, or over at Cathy’s place.

  1. That I make my living writing
  2. That I work for myself
  3. My three kids, Linda, Mike and Steve
  4. My daughters-in-law, Stacey and Gloria
  5. My daughter’s husband, Chris
  6. Their families and that I get to play with them.
  7. My four grand kids, Emily, Ben, Valerie and Ben
  8. Cait
  9. Carol
  10. Lori Widmer – my partner in About Writing Squared and the 5 Buck Forum
  11. Lauri S. Friedman – part of my Mastermind Group
  12. Helen Chang – part of my Mastermind Group
  13. Martin
  14. MzTiz
  15. SuzzieQ (the outdoor cat I’ve adopted.)
  16. John (who took care of Suzzie Q until he couldn’t any more
  17. The Open Heart Sangha
  18. Deerpark Monastery 
  19. Thich Nhat Hanh
  20. Zen
  21. Meditation and that I’ve been taught how to do it
  22. The house I live in
  23. My office view of the canyon
  24. The deck overlooking the canyon
  25. The canyon
  26. The pair of hawks
  27. The crows
  28. The hummingbirds.
  29. The other small birds that hang out nearby
  30. Daddy Long Legged spiders
  31. Box spiders
  32. Thom Hartmann
  33. President Barack Obama
  34. Awakening the Dreamer which restored me to hope
  35. Rule and Gabby who taught me to facilitate Awakening the Dreamer Symposiums
  36. Jimmy L. whose going to help me introduce Awakening the Dreamer into the community of City Heights where I live in San Diego
  37. The Pachamama Alliance which developed the Awakening The Dreamer Symposiums
  38. Van Jones
  39. Rev. Guy Williams
  40. Rev. Kathy Hearn
  41. Sweetwater Zen Center
  42. WorldBeat Cultural Center
  43. Elizabeth Woolrych, potter at Studio 6 in Spanish Village
  44. Balboa Park
  45. The internet and my connection to it
  46. my computer
  47. electricity
  48. clean water
  49. natural gas
  50. my car
  51. the roads that are maintained for me
  52. the members of the 5 Buck Forum
  53. John Soares
  54. Jenn Mattern
  55. Deb Ng
  56. Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!
  57. Fig tree
  58. home grown tomatoes
  59. Ellie Winslow
  60. the library
  61. Sarah
  62. good coffee
  63. good tea
  64. Becky
  65. John
  66. Stephanie
  67. Sheri
  68. Jerrilynn
  69. Craig
  70. Activist San Diego
  71. Occupy San Diego
  72. Occupy Writers
  73. Occupy Wall  Street
  74. Twitter 
  75. Tweetdeck
  76. butterflies
  77. lady bugs
  78. roses
  79. succulents
  80. lavender
  81. Jayde
  82. Alex
  83. Josh
  84. composting
  85. basal
  86. pepper plants
  87. rosemary
  88. cosmos
  89. City Farmers Nursery
  90. Cathy Miller
  91. Craigslist
  92. telephones
  93. cell phones (I think I’m more grateful than not)
  94. Thanksgiving Gathering: Indigenous People Gather Annually on Alcatraz
  95. Heifer.org – give gifts that really mean something
  96. Kiva.org – you can make micro loans too
  97. Living Compassion – a great charity to contribute to
  98. Ganish
  99. Controversial Bookstore
  100. National Public Radio
  101. American Public Radio
  102. Leo LaPorte, the Tech Guy
  103. My iPad
  104. Tom and Ray, the Car Guys on Car Talk
  105. Jonathan Fields
  106. Guy Kawasaki
  107. On the Media – an important radio show
  108. On Being – an amazing radio show
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  • Hey! Great idea. I think I’m going to write a post with my own list. It may not be 108 long though. I don’t think I can even THINK of that many things. It will be a good post for the end of the year. 🙂
    Elizabeth West recently posted..Favorite Movies to Watch at ChristmasMy Profile

  • Anne, I’m grateful for you, too. You’re a blessing.
    Lori recently posted..Early Holidays and AndroidsMy Profile

  • Ravit

    This is cool! I have never thought of the possibility to be grateful of so many things… I guess only if you start listing them you discover them… Thank you Annew 🙂
    Ravit recently posted..Best colors for small roomsMy Profile

  • Thanks for letting us know some wonderful people, topics and websites. I like learning what goes on in this vast world of ours.

  • I’m impressed! I saw the headline and was like 108?? That’s impossible! But I’m actually thankful for many of those, too, now that I think of it. I love your worldview and I’m thankful I found this site.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    Amelia Ramstead recently posted..My Writing Thankfulness ListMy Profile

    • Start with a smaller number Amelia, and build up to 108 or whatever. See, you’ve already recognized some 😉 And you put up your own list on the 21! Ten is a great number. We are of like minds.

  • I’m honored to be on your list and appreciate your shout-out. 🙂 I am an underachiever at 50, but love this exercise!

    You have some good ones. I especially like that I work for myself. Amen to that.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Anne, and all your readers!
    Cathy Miller recently posted..Blog Post Ideas From the 3-Day WalkMy Profile

    • You? An underachiever? I don’t think so… 60 mile walk? Successful freelance writer?

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