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30 Ways To Generate Writing & Blogging Ideas

ideas for writersI suspect every freelance writer gets stuck for ideas now and again, even though ideas are everywhere. I don’t like to call being stuck writer’s block because I don’t really want to give my idealess state much energy.

This list of 30 ideas to spark writing ideas is just a start. It’s designed to help you figure out what to write right now. Just pick one and write; you’ll soon be unstuck.

Many of writing ideas these can be used multiple times and all of them will, if you let them, generate at least one more idea you can write about.

  1. Look at what you wrote a year or more ago and update something.
  2. Take an old article and totally rework it.
  3. Do a followup interview.
  4. Interview a fellow blogger or writer.
  5. Write about what’s on your desk.
  6. Write about what’s not on your desk.
  7. Write a list of ideas like this one.
  8. What’s out your window?
  9. What do you wish were outside your window?
  10. How did you get into writing in the first place.
  11. What was your first writing success?
  12. What was your worst writing failure?
  13. What have you written that you’re most proud of and why?
  14. What have you written that most embarrasses you and why?
  15. Write about why you freelance or want to.
  16. Write about your first job.
  17. How do you market yourself?

  18. Ho do you use social media – actually several potential articles here, one for each type?
  19. What questions did you have when you first got started writing? And their answers.
  20. What informs your writing?
  21. How do you find markets?
  22. What do you specialize in and why?
  23. Try google alerts and ideas will come to you.
  24. Check out HelpAReporter.com for both ideas and to become a source.
  25. Review the posts/stories that got the most traffic and do a roundup.
  26. Do a roundup of competitors blogs.
  27. Ask a question about your industry, then answer it.
  28. Create a poll – then write about the results.
  29. Grab a photo and write about it – any photo.
  30. Use Google’s I’m feeling lucky search, with or without a term.

What would you add? How do you generate ideas?


Image: Attribution Some rights reserved by ianmunroe

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