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One Writer’s Guilty Pleasures

The pleasure of readingI know. I’m the one who tells you over and over again that finding ideas isn’t the problem, polishing them is. So I’ll blame it on a headache, or my recent bout of flu or… well I don’t know what. But I sat here with nary a decent idea in my head.

I looked over my idea file and didn’t like anything I found there. I peaked in the drafts – articles I’ve started but not yet finished. Nothing appealed.

So I googled up what should I blog about today and found Chris Brogan’s delightful 100 Blog Topics I Hope YOU Write. And there it is, number 40 – 10 Guilty Pleasures.

So here are my 10 – and in truth I don’t feel very guilty about any of them.

  1. Afternoon naps. Love naps.
  2. Thrillers. Particularly political thrillers.

  3. Taking in cats. If MzTiz would let me I’d probably have a dozen or more. She won’t, so I’ve compromised and am now taking care of the community canyon cat.
  4. Really good coffee.
  5. Owning and using an espresso machine. It’s a luxury that’s probably saved me tens of thousands of dollars over time, and over various machines.
  6.  Buying new pens. I love a package of new pens – even when I don’t need pens.
  7. New notebook. What is it about a brand new notebook with pristine pages?
  8.  Paper organizers. I mean the kind that promise to get your whole live organized. Mine have to be paper, not virtual. And preferably leather bound.

  9. Solitaire on my iPad. I really like just sitting in the evening and playing a dozen or so hands. Of course, I also like the Angry Birds games.
  10. Train trips. I love going anywhere any time on a train. Things to look at, room to get up and walk around. Even a snack car. What’s not to love?

Now it’s your turn. What are your guilty pleasures?


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  • Mine would be

    #1 – starbucks muffins in the morning
    #2 – spending too much on my hair
    #3 – nights out with the girls
    #4 – skipping the gym for coffee and gossip
    #5 – heat magazine

    Ermm, kind of struggling now, maybe I not all that guilty
    Jane recently posted..Clear Skin Max Acne Treatment Kit ReviewMy Profile

  • In no particular order:

    10. Watching old TV on Netflix
    9. Surfing the Internet (I do this WAY too much)
    8. Flea marketing
    7. Magazines
    6. Cheese
    5. Buying books. I try to get them used to save money, but there are certain authors I MUST have.
    4. Not getting dressed at all on Sundays.
    3. Office supplies
    2. Chatting in my chat room when I’m supposed to be working
    1. Reading–this is only a guilty pleasure when I’m supposed to be doing something else.
    Elizabeth West recently posted..Proofreading Your WorkMy Profile

  • Naps! Pens! Trains! I agree!

    Last night I actually made my husband run his hand across a page in the book I was reading (to feel the paper!). He didn’t appreciate it. So I made him run his hand over a not-so-friendly page in another book. He still didn’t get it.

    Who doesn’t love the smell of ink and pristine pages in a new book or a stack of freshly printed brochures?

    Or a really great reality show (where one can always be convinced our life is at least better than others)?

    And speaking of animals, a perfect day includes a puppy curiously sniffing in my ear. Why? Who knows? (It doesn’t happen if often.)

    The thing is, I’m not that guilty about any of these. Do they still count?
    Carrie Schmeck recently posted..Why Web Designers Need Writers (and likewise)My Profile

    • Anne

      Here they count, Carrie. Sorry your husband didn’t get it about the feel of a real book.

  • 1) Chocolate – Dark chocolate; the darker the better. Some can’t handle the taste, I thrive on it, but must reserve it as a special treat.
    2) Star Trek I record old episodes off of cable to watch on the rare occasions when I take a little TV time. This is totally non-productive time.
    3) Old Sci-Fi movies. I’m talking 50’s & 60’s stuff. I collect the best (or worst depending on your view) of them for repeated enjoyment. My wife and I set aside Friday evening as Schlocky Sci-Fi Night and we enjoy home-made Chinese food and one of these old movies together. Some of our friends think we’re very strange!

    Hmmm… I can only come up with three. The others pleasures I enjoy don’t generate enough guilt to count. 😉
    Allan Douglas recently posted..Book Review: The Burning SkyMy Profile

    • Anne

      oh yeah, truly dark dark dark chocolate. I also like to read old science fiction… same era.

  • I think part of the fun of 10 Guilty Pleasures is lost if you really don’t feel guilty about it. Maybe that turns it into more of a justification of your habits. It should be pleasurable and at the same time, truly guilting. The problem is then it starts sounding more like being at a confessional. At the cost of the police, moral or otherwise, knocking at my door, here goes.

    10. Music that I have not paid for.
    9. Cheesecake. Toppings – Chocolate, Strawberry, Peanut Butter, Marmalade, None.
    8. Stationery. I see that is a common one.
    7. Taking off on a tangential websurfing session when I should really be working.
    6. Creating a label and filter system on my email that becomes counterproductive.
    5. Offering to help fix gadgets and then ending up ruining them beyond repair.
    4. Paying more attention to women other than the one I am out with.
    3. Overspending tempted by discounts.
    2. Leaving presumptuous comments on blogs.
    1. Using more words than needed.
    subhorup dasgupta recently posted..Writing for a broad readershipMy Profile

    • Anne

      ahh, presumptuous comments…

    • Anne

      Love tangents myself! ON the web or off.

  • 1. Mystery novels
    2. Walking (and walking some more)
    3. Food Network
    4. Project Runway
    5. Anything from the bread family
    6. Dogs – all kinds
    7. A baby’s laugh
    8. Creative Copy Challenge (when I can get there
    9. Trips to Maui
    10. Windy days
    Cathy Miller recently posted..Why You Being Heard Trumps Being LikedMy Profile

    • Anne

      Cathy (and Lori) what’s Project Runway?

      • Anne-it just concluded last night. TV show-which is why you don’t know it, since you don’t own a TV.

        It starts with around 12 fashion designers who compete in challenges each week and one-by-one they are eliminated until they pick a winner who gets $150,000 (I think that’s the amount) and a spread in one of the top fashion magazines-not to mention a showing at Fashion Week in New York.

        I love anything that shows creativity-I hate the “drama” part and tune that out, but love the creativity!
        Cathy Miller recently posted..Posts in Friday Lite ReviewMy Profile

        • Anne

          Hmmm, maybe I’ll catch a rerun or something. I’m not much on TV, but once in awhile… been catching Biggest Looser recently… there’s a guilty pleasure for you.

  • Let’s see….

    10. Facebook games (yeah, I know)
    9. New books. I just can NOT get into e-readers.
    8. Logic puzzles, the kind that make a picture
    7. Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup
    6. Disney Princess movies. Good thing I have a 3-year-old daughter, right?
    5. Zip-through-it fiction, like John Grisham
    4. World of Warcraft
    3. Almond Roca
    2. Iced mochas, which I make every morning on my own machine
    1. Funny Internet pictures of cats
    Amelia Ramstead recently posted..The Art of the "No"My Profile

  • Cindi

    Thank you for this post!

    My “guilty” pleasures:
    1. Reading paranormal books. I read just about anything, but this pleasure is the one I save for relaxation
    2. Dark coffee with flavored creamer
    3. Too many pillows. They all end up on the floor in the middle of the night, but having them is luxury to me.
    4. Calls to my mother. She’s one of my best friends and I’m lucky to have her. We are both VERY busy and the calls go on for over an hour.
    5. Watching cheesy romantic comedies.
    6. Reading childhood favorites with my son.
    7. Getting a pedicure. One hour of bliss followed by pretty feet.
    8. Creamed peas. No one else in my family likes them, but they are the original comfort food for me.
    9. Milk chocolate covered pretzels. Salty-sweet crunch…yum!
    10. Reading greeting cards in the card aisle for inspiration.

    • Anne

      Ooo, Cindy, so glad calling your mom is on the list 😉

  • I love that you have the same guilty pleasure of new packs of pens and new notebooks that I do. I can never help myself, even when at the grocery store, I have to at least look at the pens and notebooks! I’ve trained myself not to buy every one in sight! My ten guilty pleasures?

    1) Chocolate, though I hardly ever feel guilty about eating it, especially since my chocolate of choice is the darkest I can buy.
    2) Tea
    3) Movies, especially adventures that deal with archaeology (one of my professions), or adventure, or pirates, or fantasy.
    4) Braiding my hair. I have fairly long hair and I love finding new styles I can use.
    5) YouTube, especially to find new hairstyles or movie trailers.
    6) Teddy Bears.
    7) Baking, specifically baking chocolatey snacks or loaves of bread.
    8) Earrings and other shiny pieces of jewelry.
    9) Watching campy History Channel documentaries.
    10) Watching the Food Network.
    Page recently posted..A Thank-You to My Heroes…My Profile

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