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OccupyWriters.Com – Why I Joined

I love twitter. I also love tweetdeck which allows me to see more of twitter. It’s the serendipity of twitter that pleases me the most. Often what I spot is trivial; sometimes it’s interesting and once in a while I see something I think is important.

This morning as I posted my usual “who can I help today?”  a post by Lemony Snicket flew by mentioning the Occupy Wall Street movement.

I’ve been thrilled with the whole now world around Occupy Movement. (Many are now listed and linked at Occupy Together.)

I’ve been excited because the still inchoate, messy movement is addressing a growing sense that something is badly wrong with our world and the way we attempt to manage or govern it, and that we, as people together, can find constructive, peaceful ways to address the problems and change things for the better.

How will this happen out of this or any other movement? I really don’t have a clue. I attempt to address parts of it at WhenGrandmotherSpeaks.com, particularly in two posts: Honoring Those We Disagree With Without Giving Up Our Values and Women, Girls and Education.  But the fact of the whole Occupy Movement means something is stirring, something potentially if not wonderful, at least good.

There, at the top of Snicket’s post was a link to Occupy Writers! Why didn’t I think of that? I have offered to do some press release or other writing for Occupy San Diego, but becoming a part of the Occupy Movement as a writer is exciting.

On the site you’ll find writers you know and those you don’t listed. A few are also contributing original works. For example, Alice Walker has a wonderful poem there called the joyful news of your arrestDuncan Murrell has a lovely short essay called On Seeing the Tents in Chapel Hill.

As freelance writers we have the ability to use our words to create change. We can, as Ghandi put it, Be the change you want to see in the world. As we find our way to being that change we can write about it and point the way for others to do the same. In the midst of finding writing gigs and satisfying clients, we can begin to shift our own actions, our own way of being and, maybe in the cracks or maybe in an outrageous, glorious and obvious way, or, most likely something in between, use our ability with words to help move the world.

I’m up for it; are you? What will you do?


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  • Kelly Ball

    Rift or Shift
    Kelly ball

    Fire burn and cauldron bubble
    Hey!…Wall St. you’re in trouble
    With the truth we’ll resonate
    And smash your flimsy paltry gates
    The meditation of our hearts
    Will rip your lies from part to part

    We all did this long ago
    At the walls of Jericho
    We will circle all around
    And blow our horns till you fall down
    It is we who are this land
    And you will meet the earth’s demand

    We will know and understand
    Realization of this command
    A world of haves and have nots
    A world of slaves and robots
    Where our souls are sold and bought
    Is a world that happens…not

    We intend to burn your ears
    And pierce your soul until you hear
    No more psycho warring tyrants
    And their bankster lying pirates
    No more making dollar bills
    From the numbers that you kill

    You grey suits that slither by
    Don’t you think you catch our eye
    You look askance at ground or sky
    Your furrowed brows betray your lies
    Don’t you know the truth slips in
    Illuminates your hidden sins

    And your crimes against the people
    From sanctimonious perverted steeples
    We’ll track you down to where you live
    And pound our drums till you give in
    And in day… or by stealth
    We’ll place – roadblocks – to your wealth

    We shall never let it be
    That you steal and you walk free
    We will change your attitude
    Or chomp you up like you were food
    We would rather mend the rift
    And have you join us in the shift

    All the money that you make
    You will not accumulate
    The only law is circulate
    Stars and planets all rotate
    Oceans rain and rivers mate
    The dance of life oscillates

    One for all and all for one
    The only way that Heaven’s won


    With Sultry Glances
    Spring Advances
    From the Sanskrit
    Kelly Ball

    Seeds planted in autumn bloom in spring. Occupy Wall Street is a revolution, or turning, of the sub-conscious mind against the tyranny of logic. As such it springs from the realm of emotion and intuition and instinct; and therefore is of spirit. It is from the realm of dream and marching trees; synchronicity and fate. It is best understood as an act of art and its outcome the more brilliant by its level of unrehearsed spontaneity. It is centered in the fire of the heart and only by staying in its frame will it succeed.
    Like a dream it is focused on the impossible and its unexpected if not miraculous solution. It understands all too bitterly that 99% of human suffering is self inflicted. It moves like a magnet finding true north that leaps past debate…beyond prosaic demand. As a movement it realizes in its heart of hearts that – all people – know in their own heart of hearts – ”What’s right… and what taint so.” Realizing as it does at a little past 11:59pm; that all races, classes, political parties and sexual persuasions have their own sets of saints and sinners; it is doing its best to make sure that that Saint side of human nature kicks in – not now – but right now!
    If the Occupy Wall Street movement is confused about anything it is about the insidious Machiavellian treachery that goes on in the noble name of creating a New World Order. Don’t they know there is a perfectly good one in place and she is called Mother Nature. And that the replication of her Laws of Sustainability and Abundance in our economy will do the same for us. The rhythm of life is the resonance of creation. In the contrast of each frequency is the reflection of meaning. In its transience: perspective, and in observation: eternity. Overall creation and its prerogatives are difficult to miss and we admit that we are mystified as to how so many seem to do so.

  • I like the way you think! Thank you, I didn’t know about OW. I’m in!

  • Bruce Matteson


    We come and go on a current of events
    Are moved to tears and drawn to conclusions
    Push to the limit and pull fast ones
    We carry on take things to excess and
    In this manner we see the world incident to incident
    Through the smudges our noses leave on Disney ride windows

    But not me; I jack shy slip shod from cat’s ass to catastrophe
    Crypto freeze frame the Devils farts in gin soluble capsules
    Date rape the universe at cocktail parties held by Obama Bide Laudanum
    On a Monkey Pearl Star ship parked as discreetly
    As a planet eater can be behind the sun of all guns
    Which is… after all… the burning Bushes from the old testicle and
    In this manner I have nothing and don’t view shit when I can boogie woogie

    Even people who never leave home
    Are now nowhere near where they were then
    If we could bottle how we got here
    We could corner the sport water market
    And ride to Indy on a fender
    Becoming the all-time irony in the motorized world
    Advertising the very energy that finishes first
    Making the entire genre obsolete
    But not me; I strip counter balance from spell check
    Putting fat fuck back in the driver’s seat and head for a black hole in deep space
    You bet your easy chair I can fly and that my friend
    Is how we know there is a Taraneusoreass Ex in every can of Petro Syrup
    Accelerated studies Grad students computer generated the future
    And groundbreaking images put National Geographic
    Ahead in market shares over Playboy for the first time
    Since Playboy went out of business

    A-motion.) No one cares; just keep moving
    B-motion.) Be the movement
    C-motion.) Everyone likes to watch
    D-motion.) Just when we thought we were all that
    E-motion.) And how does that make you feel
    F-motion.) Fine….it makes us feel fine frankly
    G-motion.) Weightlessness….bodies optional

    But not from where I’m treading life;
    A-motion.) I’m a jump sweet before time and long after it’s a gone song
    B-motion.) I was born despite better judgment head first into primordial fuck
    C-motion.) And primordial fuck is all I will ever see
    D-motion. ) how can I lose what I never had
    E-motion.) (See A through Z and beyond)
    F-motion.) (See E-motion) such as; My shirts not wrinkled…I’m the victim of a botched circumcision
    G-motion.) Gee….gotta go; I’ve always known when to piss off

    • Anne

      Not sure how to respond… do you have your own site? I’m leery of long poetry in comments.

  • Disagreeing with someone online has become an art form, especially when the person is a younger person. It seems to me like the facelessness of the internet means there is a serious lack of respect and values when people debate online, I cant see a way back.
    Lessa recently posted..Welcome to Tech Retrieval!My Profile

    • Anne

      You’re right, Lessa… online can quickly become a flame war – do we still call it that? I suspect you’re also right, that there is no way back… which only means we have to go forward. And there are places where it’s okay to disagree as long as it’s done with some sensitivity. This is one of them.

  • jorgekafkazar

    The trouble with these “mass movements” is that they have unforeseen consequences. Yes, there have been abuses that need correction with legislation. But the movement seems to go far beyond that, getting into political territory that should be avoided at all cost.

    The 20th Century was rife with experiments we shouldn’t repeat, no matter how utopian the words of those who espouse(d) them. Politics bores me, so I won’t go any further, except to say, “Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.”

    • Anne

      Lol, Jorge, life has many unforeseen consequences! And I’d be interested to know which history you’re referring to – in this instance.

  • I want to be on the list! Wish I had something to attach to it! lol
    Amelia Ramstead recently posted..The "Go with the Flow" PhenomenonMy Profile

    • Anne

      Not sure what their criteria is Amelia… my name hasn’t showed up yet. But they said they’d be slow.

  • Wow, I’m so inspired by this!! Thank you for giving me a way to join the movement without camping out! I signed up! I feel that I can participate in an exciting and important movement in our history. Thank you!

    • Anne

      You’re welcome Helen… I was tickled to find it too.

  • I read the post by Lemony Snickett last night and it is absolutely fabulous. I was stunned by the number of writers already on the list and then read that it is growing so quickly it takes awhile for new names to be added.

    Seeing all those names and reading posts like this make me proud(er?) to call myself a professional writer. If I had a published work to my name (I’m primarily a ghostwriter), I’d be on that list, too.
    dava recently posted..Getting Off the SidelinesMy Profile

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