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Discover the Secrets of LinkedIn – An About Writing Squared Webinar

LinkedIn WebinarI don’t know about you, but even though I use LinkedIn I really can only say I sort of use it. I mean, should I accept everyone who sends me an invitation? And why don’t they say in their LinkedIN announcement why they think we’re a match?

What about endorsements? How important are they?

In fact, what should or might I expect from LinkedIn? The truth is I haven’t a real clue.

Which is exactly why Lori Widmer and I have joined with UrbanMuse Susan Johnston to present a new webinar called Discover the Secrets of LinkedIn.

Susan has written a definitive book on how writers and editors can best use the networking site called LinkedIn and Lovin’ It. Alyssa Martino of BrazenCareeist said:

LinkedIn and Loving It goes a step further than any other guide I’ve seen. Susan demonstrates how to strategically use the site as a multi-faceted job seeking, networking and self-promotion tool so you can land the clients you’ve always wanted.

See what I mean? That’s the kind of expertise I want and why I’m so excited to help present a webinar that will answer my questions as well as yours. And someone at the webinar will win a copy of this book!


It will all happen Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 2 pm. ET/11 am PT.

You can get more information over at AboutWritingSquared and register there or sign up below.


You’ll have lots of time to ask Susan your questions – and, if you want to ask them in advance, you can post them here. The webinar will be recorded and there will be a free report – you don’t have to be there and if you are you won’t have to take notes. How cool is that?

Two Ways To Participate

We’ve got two prices for you:

Thanks, just the webinar please plus a chance to win the book. For only $49.00

I love a bargain. The webinar, a chance to win the
book + enroll 
me in the $5BuckForum
Only $15.00 – $10 for the webinar
plus my first month’s forum membership.

Questions or problems? Contact us.Lori Widmer & Anne Wayman

Image: Attribution Some rights reserved by mariosundar

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  • Katherine Hempel

    In this day of wanting to get the most bang for our bucks, I research carefully before investing either time or money.
    In looking at the viability of this webinar, I visited the aboutwritingsquared page and within two minutes read that one of the benefits of membership is “Every ebook Lori and Anne have writing about writing and on those they plan to write.”
    Knowing that typos and errors are easy to make, but also how amateur they make a website appear, I next attempted to “Contact Us” and the links give me an “opps” page and let’s me know the only way to contact anyone is to first join, before being convinced there is any value to be had.
    Thirty+ years of PR and marketing says that the interest here is more in the $$ than pride in the work.
    Sorry, but this one left me cold. I will discover more about this social marketing tool another way.

  • I think this is an excellent webinar. If I were available, I would attend. However, community journalism duty calls and I’ll be about and about.
    Marcie recently posted..Guest Post: From Writer to Published Author in 7 Simple Steps – Patricia FryMy Profile

    • Anne

      Marcie, you can get the recording and listen later if you want.

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