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Where To Bid On Freelance Writing Jobs

I’ve never liked bidding sites much because they tend to drive the price of freelance writing jobs down. However, I have to admit that some writers have found ways to make a decent living using them.

The trick, I’m told, is to pick and choose the jobs very carefully and to build your reputation at the site well. Knowing how long it takes you to do what truly helps.

Note too that most of the bidding sites require you to accept payment through them, taking a percentage – that’s how they make their money. In some cases this can actually protect you by guaranteeing you get paid, but be sure you understand the terms and be on the alert for changes in terms which happens often.

IFreelance Nice looking site.
Guru.com May actually be older than
eLance, a bidding site that works pretty well.
ScriptLance The scripts they’re referring to
are programming scripts – they do have some writing gigs.

oDesk Unless you opt out your client
will actually be able to see how many keystrokes you do in
an hour… as you might guess I hate this feature – it gives
clients a totally wrong impression of what freelance writers
actually do.
eLance Probably the granddaddy of all
bidding sites.
WritingBids.com A confusing site that tends to be
a rehash of many of the craigslist and elance jobs – go


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  • Jane

    I found http://www.fileply.com pretty amazing, love the features and the design. Only issue is it seems like there is too many writers on the site

    • Jane, some of the prices are horribly low… and the few others I clicked on had no orders… have you made any money from this site? Does it cost to answer an ad? Or post one?

  • Anne

    Personally i prefer to use more than one!! Different sites gives different benefits!!
    It takes a lot of my time but it worth it!

  • Guru has been my best site for quality pay for quality work. A paid subscription is worth it, in my opinion, and the percentage taken off your bid for site fees is lower than elance. The negative being that there are not as many postings of jobs on that site, but maybe that saves you from scrolling through so many low paying projects.

    • Anne

      I got some work from them early on then didn’t stay on fop of it. Glad it’s working for you.

  • I’m with Ron on the oDesk & Elance options – they’ve certainly been the best options for me for finding semi-decent stuff. Like everywhere, there are scams and low paying jobs here too – you just have to ignore them & look for the gems that pop up every so often. I’ve had a few great referrals through clients from these sites too. So the domino effect has been useful for me also.
    Nicky Parry recently posted..Check Your SkinMy Profile

  • Never knew of the writingbids.com…Would surely give it a look. But if you are looking for quality, eLance and Odesk all the way.
    Ron’s SEO Copywriting Services recently posted..Get Writer Imagination – It’s Time to Moodle!My Profile

    • Anne

      Or skip the bidding sites and start phone calling around your town for businesses that need writing.

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