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Freelance Writing Jobs Are Back

freelance writing jobsAccess to freelance writing jobs is back here at About Freelance Writing.  This time I’m providing the links so you can do your own search and find exactly the freelance writing job you’re looking for.

The How to Land a Freelance Writing Gig has been replaced in the menu with Jobs for Freelance Writers.

From there you can go to Freelance Writing Jobs – The CraigsList Group.

There’s also a page with place you can bid on freelance writing jobs.

Check out too the category Freelance Writing Jobs. You’ll find many articles that give you an outstanding overview of what you need to do to find and land the freelance writing gig you want.

Finally you can also buy the ebook, Where to Search for Freelance Writing Jobs.

Let me know if I’ve left anything out.


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  • Cryssie

    Hi Anne,

    I found your blog while Googling information on how to begin freelance writing. One of the ideas was to start a blog. I have so many ideas…my life is pretty interesting and so are my struggles 🙁
    Anyway, my cousin is also interested in freelance writing. She is EXCELLENT with words, stories and painting a picture; I advised her to also look into writing but we are totally unaware of our 1st step. Could you give us some guidance?

    Thank you very much!

  • A wonderful gathering of information for writers to delve into. You’re a gem for helping others, Anne.
    Nicky Parry recently posted..Check Your SkinMy Profile

  • jorgekafkazar

    Thanks, Anne. I’m in the midst of a screenplay, but I appreciate all your efforts. I’ll be back from time to time.

    • Anne

      Good luck with the screenplay, know you’ve got my best wishes etc.

  • That’s awesome Anne, thank you! I had my first taste of success through a job you posted here on your website. You have been the most phenomenal resource.
    Amelia Ramstead recently posted..When Life Gets in the Way of the WritingMy Profile

  • Thanks for all you do, Anne! You rock!

    This Craigslist method you’ve devised seems easier to me. Kudos on that.
    Lisa Cunningham recently posted..Do left-handers and women with large breasts have greater cancer risk?My Profile

    • Anne

      Good, glad it works for you Lisa… let us know how your search goes.

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