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What’s A Tweetup For Writers?

writer's twitter chat

Tweetups are online gatherings via Twitter.

They can be on any topic; not surprisingly I’m mostly interested in tweetups for writers.

In Twitter,you enter a tag for the tweetup like #writingsquared to comment and watch that tag to see how the conversation develops.

It’s fast, furious and sometimes hopelessly confusing.

I find it works better when I can set up my twitter feeds in columns, which TweetDeck, a free app from Twitter lets me do.

It’s simple, it’s fun and can even be worthwhile?

What tweetups do you participate in?


Image: Collection of bird illustrations for use on blogs that wish to link to their Twitter account. http://divageekdesigns.com/tag/website/

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  • I’m glad Dierdre told you the difference before I got to it. lol

    I’ve done both. Locally we have a tweetup at least once every couple of months. Our last one was actually a kickball game, and I was smart enough to be the umpire instead of a player; that was quite funny.

    And I participate in a weekly chat talking about online communities, though I miss it from time to time. Overall, both can be fun and are worth the effort of at least giving it a try.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..Being Good In BusinessMy Profile

    • Anne

      Mitch, your weekly chat… twitter? Phone?

  • I’ve resisted writing this because it seems nit-picking, but I thought you would appreciate the clarification from one of your gang rather than a client. Please take this in the kindest way possible because that’s how I mean it.

    Tweetups are in-person events where people from Twitter meet up in real life. I’ve been to several — in Sacramento where I used to live, at conferences and in NC where I live now. What you had yesterday was a Twitter chat, not a tweetup. Although I feel pretty confident about this distinction, I Googled to be sure. While we’re talking about chats, here’s a Twitter chat schedule that might come in handy – http://bit.ly/chatlist — or cause you to lose hours of your life.

    I’m sorry I missed the chat yesterday but I had already participated in #assnchat (association professionals – my big market), and one a day’s all my schedule can handle.
    Deirdre Reid recently posted..You’ve Got to Read This: September 13, 2011My Profile

    • Anne

      Well I’ll be darned… I suppose tweetup comes from meetup… that might make sense… and thanks so much for letting me know… really didn’t. And it isn’t really nit-picking is it, it’s an important distinction. So twitter chats it is, unless someone wants to come to San Diego.

      Incidentally that’s a truly helpful article!

  • Well, ours of course. 🙂 Like Cathy said, I’ve been involved in one other – an insurance agency one. They’re a super way to engage peers and potential clients. I love them.

    Now to figure out how to find them all…..
    Lori recently posted..Charging for ConsultingMy Profile

  • Just wanted to thank you for letting me know about Tweetups. The one we did today was worth the hour spent. You can learn more from talking to writers than from any book written for a writer about writing.
    Bill Swan recently posted..Fake Writing Jobs Bait and SwitchMy Profile

    • Anne

      It was fun wasn’t it Bill. You’re more than welcome.

  • I haven’t tried Tweetup except once on an insurance-related one (thanks to Lori) 🙂 Lately, life has been so crazy, the only Tweetup is my brain cells flapping around. 🙂
    Cathy Miller recently posted..The Abridged What I Want to Learn ListMy Profile

    • Anne

      lol, Cathy, tweetups make me slightly crazy… but they can also be fun. But they are strictly optional.

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