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Do You Have Questions About Freelance Writing?

As most of you know, you can ask questions about freelance writing here just by contacting me with Q&A in the subject line. I’ve answered a bunch already and will be happy to take a pass at yours too.

Of course, every writer I know has questions about the craft; it doesn’t matter how long they’ve been writing or how successful they’ve been.

What do successful writers do when they’ve got a question? Here, in rough order, is what I do:

  • Email or call a writing friend. I email Lori Widmer or members of my MasterMind Group first. Usually I get the answer this way, but not always, or my question comes up too early in the morning to call them. If they don’t have the answer they can often point me to someone who does. They know I’ll work to answer their questions too.
  • Ask individuals in LinkedIn groups or forums. If you follow any writing group at LinkedIn or forum you quickly find out who knows their stuff. You can email them directly with a question and usually receive an answer.
  • Get answers via twitter. Use hash tags like #writers or #writetip added to your question. You’ll often get good answers.

  • Try a google search. Google blows me away at how well it now handles natural language searches. I wanted to see how often the idea of questions about freelance writing showed up, so I queried: questions about freelance writing Google seems to love questions like this. How to is also productive when you get specific. I recently wanted to find out how to suppress all comments on a blog I do some work for. Asking how to suppress all comments on a wordpress blog got me exactly the info I wanted.
  • Refer to Writer’s Market. Although you can do searches on the online site, I seem to have better luck with the table of contents or the index of the book unless I’m looking for a market. Then the online site is more up-to-date.


There really are no silly questions in freelance writing, or in life for a matter of fact. If you’ve got a question the chances are so does someone else – ask and be willing to share your answer. You’ll soon be the one people turn to for answers.

What questions do you have about freelance writing?


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  • Hi Anne – It would be great if you could explore the most effective ways to use Writer’s Market Online, as it can be pretty overwhelming. Thanks!
    Ahlam recently posted..3 Steps to Your Success (Yes, It’s Really that Easy)My Profile

  • This post is a good one. It has a lot of worthwhile information in a very tight space. It’s easy to read and flows well, too. My only question has to do with the comment that precedes mine. What’s “PLR?” I’ve been writing professionally for more than 20 years, but I’ve never heard that term once, unless it was in reference to WPLR, a radio station in New Haven, Connecticut – but that’s a whole other story.
    Jamie Beckett recently posted..American’s live in a car culture. And so a Ford Taurus, a Chevy Corvair, and a G…My Profile

    • Jamie, it stands for “Private Label Rights”. It’s a very widely used entity – could be in the form of articles, ebooks, or a variety of other options. Businesses may buy PLR from writers & sell it as PLR content to other people – the deal then is that the material can be used “as is”, or changed in any way that the buyer prefers. Although each PLR writer has their own Terms of Service, buying such material typically allows you to put your name as the author, add/remove content, rewrite it more in your own tone, etc etc. A lot of writers use it as a side income, and others apparently run their entire business through writing PLC content. Like anything, I can see that it probably is of great value to a certain population of writers, but I assume that it’s probably mostly of greatest value overall to the intermediate businesses who may be buying content from writers dirt cheap, and then selling it on themselves. Always makes for a good discussion topic amongst writers!
      Nicky Parry recently posted..Can You Make A Difference?My Profile

  • Anne, I’d love to hear your thoughts on writing PLR, if that might be a question you’re interested in discussing as a post sometime. I’ve had numerous requests from website owners to write PLR content for them, but I’ve always declined, even when I’ve been offered “royalties”. My comment to them is usually a polite version of: “Why the heck would I write a bucketload of articles for a few dollars, when I can be paid much higher rates for the same work elsewhere?” But I’d love to know your thoughts, along with those of any of your readers who chime in. I’d be especially interested in hearing if anyone has had any great success via the PLR route.
    Nicky Parry recently posted..Taste Buds #7My Profile

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