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Search & Networking Tips For Finding Freelance Writing Jobs

Searching for a freelance writing jobGuest post by Philip Russell who writes for iNetZeal, an SEO Company.

As more and more people in the world become Internet savvy, the world of online freelancing gets more and more competitive. This can make it harder to find good paying gigs, partly because people who are willing to work for less are also using the ‘net to find writing jobs.

Take for example the site Freelancer.com, a bidding site that includes writing which has a global reach. According to Alexa.com, which can be used to see the popularity of various websites, it’s global rank is 350; while its Alexa Rank in India is an astounding 92.

Sites like Freelancer.com and Elance and others offer a lot of work, but the competition is ridiculously high, the jobs are usually hard, and the pay is usually just barely above a live-able wage.

Finding Good Gigs  Can Start with the Right Type of Search

Fortunately for you there all sorts of sites and companies that need article writing services, in all different styles, shapes and sizes – you just have to be able to find them. Many blog owners even offer up big bucks for guest articles, especially if it is a really specific and high quality article like a software review or something of the sort. Here are a few good search query tips for finding jobs like this. “Keyword” will represent whatever niche it is that you specialize in.

  • Keyword + intitle:”Write for Us”: This is my favorite search query to use when I am looking for guest posting opportunities. The only thing is that not all guest posting opportunities offer pay. You will have to spend some time researching these “Write for Us” Pages to see which ones offer up pay. However you can always email bloggers and ask if they would be willing to pay X amount of dollars for a great post that you think would fit very nicely for their blog. Both distilled and Kothapally Arun  have great lists for search queries to find guest posting opportunities.
  • Specify how much you want to work for: Do you want to get paid $0.70 per word, or $1.00 per word? Be sure to include “$X.XX per word” including the quotes in your search queries.
  • Use advanced operators: For example, one of the problems that you may run into from time to time is that the page that says the website is currently paying for writers to write for them, is badly outdated. One of the things that you can do is make sure you are putting a time frame of when the page was added to the site to make sure that your results are up to date and current. And besides, the more recent the post, the more likely you will be getting paid.
  • Forget about using the word “freelance” or any form of it, in your search query: The best freelancing jobs usually aren’t even placed on “get a freelancer” websites and are usually not advertised on jobs boards and thing of the such. The only time you should use the word “freelance” in your search query, is when you are searching for how to search for the best freelancing jobs!

Quick Tip: Part of being able to make a living online with your freelance writing efforts is writing about what you love and really getting into it. For this reason, your research will be a huge part of it. Do not settle! Keep researching until you are satisfied. One thing will constantly be leading you to another!


Someone once said that my online  networking  as “Trippy.” And that has always stuck with me. That is because you can have a business partner that you have been working with for years and years that you have never even seen before or talked with on the phone. All because of the power of the Internet.

Two great places to start your networking involve online forums and, by reading the comments on articles you find interesting.  I wouldn’t suggest always commenting on an article, because you more than likely won’t have something to say each and every time you go through the comments of an article – and spamming is not very welcomed by most bloggers – but just reading the comments can give you a view of who is in that network, and may lead you to some freelancing gigs. Don’t hesitate to gently contact those who make comments.

That being said, getting active in the right forums is a far superior method of networking – especially in the SEO industry, where article writing is a constantly needed service. This is because it allows you to build relationships through offering help, and offering your opinion on topics, and it is also because many online forums offer Job Boards. Of course the first step to get started in the forums is by choosing the best forums to be a part of. For this, you can check out Big-Boards.com which is a directory for all the best forums out there.

A lot of freelance writing is finding the best work. There is no one place that you can constantly snatch great work out of. You have to constantly be searching for the most recent, relevant, and overall best jobs available. That is how you succeed in freelancing!

How do search for freelance writing jobs?

This article was written by Philip Russell. Philip has been a freelancer in writing, and offering SEO services for quite some time. By day he helps to run link building services at www.inetzeal.com and in his spare time he likes to write on topics such as SEO, SEM, Internet marketing, and all things related to the online Internet that catch his interest.

Two newsletters:
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  • I love the tip on doing a search for “write for us” plus the keyword.

    I’d also add, beyond just networking, to really use your network. A referral or even a simply introduction can go a long way in getting a new client!
    Andrea Costantine recently posted..Speaking Your Truth V2 Released Today!My Profile

  • Sheri

    Thanks for the article! Pardon my ignorance…how does researching and networking via online forums lead to connections and freelance jobs? Thanks in advance for any guidance or insight 🙂

    • Anne

      Sheri, you can find jobs through both, or at least leads to jobs… plus networking can be fun.

  • Sound advice – especially regarding not even bothering to search using the term “freelance”. Amazing how this term seems to have morphed into something meaning more about “free” than freelancing!
    Nicky Parry recently posted..8 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Risk Of Skin CancerMy Profile

    • Anne

      or at least become, in many cases, synonymous with low pay.

  • When I look online at a lot of these job boards (oDesk, I’m looking at YOU), I’m appalled by how much the written word is devalued. One dollar for 500 words? You have got to be kidding me!

    I’ve gone the route of cutting out the middle man. I find work with people who value my efforts. And may I add, mostly thanks to your helpful posts here??
    Amelia Ramstead recently posted..Covering Your First Press EventMy Profile

  • Philip – your first search tip (keyword + “write for us”) is genius and I can see that I have a busy morning ahead of me. I’ve found that the freelancing job boards, even the job digests, are too over-crowded to be worth the effort of applying. Thanks for the useful ideas. – Carolyn

    PS – hope this comment doesn’t count as spam 😉

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