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4 Reasons A Writing Routine Helps Freelance Writers Succeed

writing practice routineIn the LinkedIn group, TWO BITS / Writing advice to writers from writers, there’s a discussion that started with “Do you all have a writing routine?”

I’ve been startled because more than a few of the participants seem write when the muse strikes.

I’ve had a regular writing routine for years, and so does every single successful writer I know. Sure it’s changed over time. When I was raising kids I didn’t have the luxury to decide when to write, I wrote when I could. When I’ve had full-time jobs I’ve had to squeeze my writing into my day. But in every case I’ve had a routine. Here’s why I think it works and is probably a must:

  1. My body knows that we’re going to sit down at the computer right after meditation – usually about 6 a.m. Before I meditated I was at the computer ever earlier.
  2. My mind knows that we’re going to sit down at a predictable time day in and day out. That habit somehow makes it easier for me to actually get the words down.
  3. My writing routine supports my writing discipline. We not only practice writing, but writing is a practice. At least it is if you want to get paid regularly for it. You might find The Discipline Of Writing Is More Important Than Motivation helpful.

  1. Through my writing routine I’ve learned to trust my writing process. I know some days will be harder than others. I know that those days I have a migraine headache I won’t write at all. I know if I take a trip my routine will be interrupted. But because I can actually count on myself to write regularly I know that those interruptions are just that, a temporary change. They don’t throw me clear off track. All I have to do is get back into my routine the next day or when I get back, etc.

Part of the conversation at LinkedIn is about establishing a routine. We’ll talk about that tomorrow.

What kind of a writing routine do you have? How does it help you?


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  • My writing routine has changed over the years. I used to wake up in the morning, clean up, eat breakfast and then sit at my desk. It was the equivalent of going to work in the corporate sector, only I wrote. Then I moved in with my mother and caring for her, as well as the general climate of the area (temperatures can go as high as 36 degrees celcius at the beginning of Spring), required that my routine change. It took me a while to find a routine that works. Now I’m working on establishing a routine where I’m at my desk by 4am and can stop around 8am. I then do mychores, take a nap when it’s too hot and start writing again around 3pm. I’m still struggling with aspects of this routine, but so far, it works better than trying to keep the same hours I used to.
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