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Report From My Circus Venture

freelance writer goes to the circusI survived the circus! My goodness how the circus has changed. First of all, it was inside – the Honda Center in Anaheim California.

And it’s noisy… decibels and decibels loud. If you’re curious about how noisy the Ringling Brothers site will give you a taste. By the time we got to intermission I was feeling punchy. Standing outside in the relative quiet and sunshine helped immensely.

Were there ideas to write about? Of course. Here’s just a short list:

  • Riding the train.
  • Salt marshes.
  • Watching Pelicans.
  • The delightful performers during the pre-show where we prowled around the circus floor and got to do things… probably three articles there, including communicating with a nice fellow who apparently doesn’t yet speak much English.
  • Noise – an essay maybe.
But part of the point was to break out of my usual mode, which I did

I do feel regenerated

It was a long and wonderfully tiring day. And I was trashed even the next day. Not all because of the circus, but because the I really hadn’t had a quiet day for about 10. So I did next to nothing Sunday – slept and slopped around.

Today I do feel good and energized. I have had a new and productive idea about a problem blog I’ve got. I could write all sorts of articles as a result of the trip, and may if I can make them fit my various projects.

It’s always hard to know exactly what a vacation or doing something new will actually bring. I do know I’m glad I went. I’m glad I spent time with my son and my grandkids and his wife and her family.  Feeling good is always good for us don’t you think?

How was your weekend?


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  • Autumn

    I have been getting a lot of dental work done lately, and each time I go, article ideas pop into my mind. I’ve written around 10 articles from my 3 visits so far, so I guess at least I am making back some of the money I’m spending there, lol.

    • Anne

      So sorry you need dental work and so glad you’ve turned those lemons into writing lemon-aid – great attitude.

  • Mine was okay. Watched several movies with my SO. One was All About Eve, a classic! That one got me thinking about character development, because the Eve character was so nice at first, but I was immediately suspicious of her. And I was right to be. Wonderfully wicked character she was. I think the reason she was so engaging was that she had a motive besides simply being evil: her ambition. A lot more depth there than just “oh I’m going to do this because I’m bad.”
    Elizabeth West recently posted..Vocabulary: Kickin’ Letter KMy Profile

    • Yeah, I was mentally writing a circus article part of the time… seems like we’re always writing or thinking about it, almost always

  • jorgekafkazar

    And then there are clowns, which adults find a lot funnier than children do. As a child, I was totally creeped out by them.

  • It just goes to show that ideas can come from anywhere. Trying to be creative on a daily basis is a brain drain. We all need to recharge batteries regularly.

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