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Self-Confidence For The Beginning Freelance Writer

self-confidence for freelance writersA guest post by Andrea Altenburg

Being a freelancer is a wonderful way to make either a full time income or part time spending cash. But  self confidence is something that does not always come easy to everyone. In fact, usually the freelancer personality is the type that would like to sit at home by themselves hard at work on the latest project. The thought of not only interacting with others, but talking about your business to them might make someone with no self confidence pretty sick in the stomach.

There are ways to gain self-confidence. The key is to first do the research of your field so you know the latest technologies and the type of businesses who are looking for the work you provide. Make sure you are knowledgeable of the latest software programs and methods. Professionals want to hire someone who is up-to-date with the latest technology.

The next step is to dress the part when you meet potential clients. Also, go to many social events with the idea of trying to advertise yourself. Most area chamber of commerce will have networking events that are of little cost and sometimes free. Attend these events with a goal of introducing yourself to a specified amount of potential clients. Make the networking goals simple and achievable. Achieving goals is a self confidence booster by itself.

Meet up with another freelance writers in your area to exchange tips and encouragement. Knowing that someone else “has your back” and believes in your skills is a confidence booster. Also, start meeting with potential clients. You will gain more confident with every interaction and every meeting you set up.

Create a blog about your niche field and post to it at least three times a week. Keeping up a blog helps you keep yourself accountable of your goals and seeing people visit your blog helps you realize you are an intelligent freelance professional and many people out there cannot wait to hire you.

Andrea has been a technical writer and copy editor since 2003. She works full time writing online and print help manuals for a software company. She is in the processing of working less corporate and more freelance. Her website is MoreSpecifically.com

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  • I find the dressing-the-part tip to be especially important. I remember meeting a client in a corporation once. All I had were what I call creative clothes – bold patterns, unusual styles, clothing that shows a creative mind. Great for interviewing for a marketing position – not suitable for an insurance corporation. I had to compromise. I took a boldly patterned dress and dumbed it down with a black suit jacket and black heels. I still stuck out too much.

    Maybe that’s when I realized the gig wasn’t a good fit. 🙂
    Lori recently posted..Killing Your Image – Internet StyleMy Profile

  • Sound advice about making the goals simple and achieveable – I think in any field of work, when we set unattainable goals, we just set outselves up to fail. Even aiming for one small goal each week can be a great confidence boost – especially when starting up your own business.
    Nicky Parry recently posted..This Week In WordsMy Profile

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