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My Writers Website – A New Design

I’m always telling writers that if they are serious about earning a good living writing their website is a major element of their marketing efforts. I’ve had one for ages, as you can tell from the old design there on the right.

Anne Wayman's old website

I’ve been planning to update it for almost that long.

I wanted to do it with blog software because that makes updating and changing so easy, once it’s done.

For me that means WordPress. It also means The Thesis Theme for WordPress. I use a premium theme because I get more control and there’s good support in the Thesis forum for those times when I get confused.

Which also means I design my own sites. Sometimes I wish I didn’t know how, but most of the time I’m glad I do because I don’t have to wait for designers and I can create my own design sandbox and fiddle when I want.

I also wanted to redo my site because I’m more focused on ghostwriting, blogging and coaching (including webinars) than I was when I put the old site together.

I hesitated for so long because the old site generated a ton of business for me over time. Finally I couldn’t stand it any more and began the process. Yesterday I launched it. The graphic on the left will give you a taste. You can see it in action at AnneWayman.com

Anne Wayman's new siteThe new design is not only a lot cleaner, it’s focused on my current passions. One of these days I’ll reshoot the video, and I’m still trying to decide if I want to list my other sites in the right column or if there’s something else I want to go there.

I’m also considering offering an occasional free newsletter, but I’m not yet sure I’d ever send one out.

I’ve also decided to do two things on my contact page that I’ve advised against in the past.

  1. Instead of an active email link I’ve spelled it out – anne at annewayman dot com.
  2. I’m using a CAPTCHA code.

We’ll see if making it more difficult to contact me makes a noticable difference in either spam or potential clients. Eventually I’ll report the results here – or the fact that I can’t see any difference.

Of course, I’ve also got my phone number there which worries some people, but I’ve found it works for me, so I’m still pretty easy to contact.

I suspect this site will bring me even more business than the old one.

I’d love your feedback, and if you find a typo or error, please let me know.


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  • It looks really nice! 🙂

  • Anne, you’re making great progress. Looks terrific.

    I agree with Eva – I’d move the Etc. Like Meryl, I wondered exactly what was behind it, but it made me click. That’s a good thing. 🙂

    I’ve moved to one of those awful contact forms only because the spam was reaching ridiculous levels. In the past I’ve spelled out my email and I didn’t get nearly as much spam, so yes, I think it works.

  • I also spell out my email address — but I use gmail instead of meryl.net since I know gmail will do a better job filtering out spammers who crack the code.

    Looks great, Anne! Only thing I’d change is “Etc.” as I didn’t know what to expect behind that. But then how do you say “Other works” or “Other Writings” with one short word? I don’t think “Others” works either.

    • Meryl, I fiddled with other and such and even two word phrases… which meant too small type of two lines… finally decided etc. might make people curious… if someone has a brainwave I’d be grateful.

      Glad you like it!

  • Easy to navigate, easy to read, makes me want to do something with my pathetic page. (Which looked even more awful to me after visiting yours.) I really like our layout; lots of white space which gives it a very neat, “clean” feel.

    • not so bad Terrisa – is your blog doing what you want?

  • Eva Potter

    I haven’t had a chance to look at the whole site, but the one thing that struck me immediately was the order of tabs at the top of the page. I would move the Etc. tab after Articles. Just feels like it stops the flow when reading the tabs. Hope this helps.

    Otherwise, I love your site and enjoy your sage advice. Thanks!

    • good thought… I’ll take a look… maybe later today… I’ve spent so much time there the last couple of days I can’t really ‘see’ it and need some distance.

  • Why are people now spelling out their emails? I’ve been seeing it a lot now. Does it really help decrease spammers? Or is there another reason?

    • Heather, as far as I know, reducing spam is the only reason… and I truthfully don’t know how well it works yet.

  • Ok, honest opinion fresh from seeing the new writer site.
    1. Overall the site looks amazing and much less cluttered.
    2. The video is fine.
    3. The contact page is awkward for me (I hate filling out forms on websites) but that’s me. I can see the reasoning behind the new page – you must get lots of spammy junk.

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