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After A Big Writing Push It’s Time To Do Something Different

Freelance Writing Fun At The BeachI was reminded yesterday and today how important it is to schedule downtime after a big writing push.

As you know, Lori and I are putting on a webinar tomorrow (June 22, 2011 – these posts last forever, and yes, there’s till time to register). Because we also are offering a booklet, that had to be written and the PowerPoint presentation that goes along with the actual presentation also had to be created. Lori and I shared the writing and I did the PowerPoint.

PowerPoint isn’t my favorite thing, but I am getting better at it. For example, I realized we could use Microsoft’s clip art rather than spending time searching out free photos. The photos require editing and setting up credits; the clip art is pretty easy, although I found PowerPoint doesn’t always let me put a clip inline with text. (sigh)

As it happened, Lori had gotten her writing done before I got mine finished. That meant, because today is a short day for me, I had to scramble a bit. Between the PowerPoint and the other writing it was a fairly concentrated push. By the time I send it off to Lori for her opinion and delightful editing I was a bit bleary eyed.

Wednesdays for me are mostly about doing something other than writing.

I spend a couple of hours plotching in clay at Studio 6 in Balboa Park’s Spanish Village. Playing in the mud, hand building figures and pots is a wonderful change from writing for me.

This summer I’ve also volunteered a couple of hours each week, on Wednesday afternoons, as a Craft Lady for the public library in my neighborhood. It’s a hoot and those kids wear me to a nubbin by the time we finish.

By the time I get home I’m in a whole different state than I am when I spend a day focused on a single writing project. Which is darn good for me and for my writing.

I love the word, recreation. I find that by doing something different from writing goes a long way to re-create me. I’m fresher and my writing is better and easier.

What do you do after a big push of writing?


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  • Anne:

    Been a busy week here. I’m taking the day off tomorrow and visiting the Jersey shore with my wife and daughter. If it rains, we’re still taking a day trip.

    My normal time off during the week is Wednesday afternoon, where I’ll visit the library or the bookstore.


  • Anne, if I’d known I’d have taken over. I don’t dislike PowerPoint – we get along okay. I could have putzed with it.

    I had the same crash you sound like you had. So much going on that day and then BOOM! I ran out of steam. The garden swing helps, as does walking, which lets my mind slow down as I expend the energy physicially.
    Lori recently posted..SimplifyingMy Profile

    • Lori, we’ve both done our share… and I get along with powerpoint… just don’t’ like it much. no biggie

  • That should be I love PowerPoint-it didn’t like my heart symbol 🙁
    Cathy Miller recently posted..When Brilliant Posts Fall in the Forest of UnreadMy Profile

  • I take a walk. Of course, I do that a lot anyway, but, it clears out the cobwebs. If my marathon needs more recreation, I take a day off and read the books I wanted to read (fiction escape-typically murder mysteries-good way to work off those fried brain cells). 🙂

    BTW, Anne, I ? PowerPoint, so holler if you ever need help. Easy for me to say now, huh? LOL! 😀
    Cathy Miller recently posted..When Brilliant Posts Fall in the Forest of UnreadMy Profile

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