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Would You Believe Eucalyptus?

Much to my utter amazement, it turns out the spiky seedpod above is a eucalyptus blossom.

Nicky, who is a scientific editor(!), has a website and a blog identified it via twitter, sending me this link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pecunium/5660366420/

I’m surprised because I have a lovely copse of eucalyptus trees I look at from my home office and the blossoms of those trees look much more like flowers and are white.

Ah, I see she also identified it in comments.

Thanks Nicky – mystery solved.


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  • Anne, you are most welcome – it makes a nice change for someone to be able to do something small to help you. You are always so proactive in helping others! I’m also an amateur photographer & I use Flickr a lot for my photos, so I guessed I might find something useful by comparison there!
    Nicky Parry recently posted..Pets And AllergiesMy Profile

    • Nicky, you could also go pro or semi pro with your photos… it’s a thought anyway. And I’m compassionate because it works for me.

  • Oooh, glad you found out for sure! 🙂

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