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What Kind Of Seed Pod Is This?

I found this under what looked like an oak tree in Balboa Park here in San Diego. The brown sleeves pull off so the pale spikes can open.

Does anyone have a clue?

what kind of seed pod is this?













Do you know?


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  • I’ll be at the park again Saturday and I will see if I can spot the tree it really came from… obviously the thing was trying to fool me. 😉

  • and the planet needs all they tropical rain forest we can save.

  • Glad you enjoyed the blog, Anne. I’m about 1,000 miles from Brisbane, in an area that doesn’t have many eucalypts, but does have plenty of tropical rainforest.

  • Just had to take a look around and see what that could be. Fascinating looking things.

    The park info mentions an Australian garden. Maybe the seed pod meandered along from there and found its way to you?
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  • Hi Anne – yes, they’re eucalyptus blossoms!
    Nicky Parry recently posted..Pets And AllergiesMy Profile

  • Hi Snail… might be I suppose… right now I don’t recall eucalyptus in that area, but we’ve got them all over so cal… btw, your blog is lovely… beautiful nature pix… Loved Brisbane when I was there… but you’re even more north according to google maps.

  • IANABotanist, but it looks like a eucalypt to me. Some SW Aust species have very long opercula over the buds.

    NB: I am prepared to be utterly wrong.

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