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Should I sign a self-publishing contract? – Ask Anne

self publishing for freelance writersHi Anne,

I enjoyed and appreciated your website and sample ghostwriting agreement. Thank you! I have two questions?

1. If you are available for editing online, what is your hourly fee? I would just be sending you a few pages now and then for “final” editing.

2.  I’m deliberating over signing a contract with a self-publishing company for my book in progress. I would need to pay for their package in 3 monthly payments. But since only half my chapters are in final form, there’s a chance that unforeseen delays could occur in getting the full manuscript to them within the next few months. However, if I sign the contract by the end of this month, I will receive a 25% discount because I was one of the finalists in a writing contest at a writers conference.

I realize that if I canceled my contract, I’d only lose the $150 set up fee. Yet there’s a bit of stress in advancing hundreds of dollars and not knowing when I could start selling my books. At least I do have a platform for selling the books.

Thank you for your assistance!

Marilyn Tyner who works with Truewaytracts.com

Hi Marilyn,

Glad you found the information on ghostwriting contracts helpful.

I edit, write, ghostwrite and coach. But I don’t do copyediting which is what I suspect you need. There really are four types of editing, each different from the other.

In terms of self-publishing service companies, I’m leery of many of them. And charges for delays seem unfair to me. As an author, you don’t need that stress, and in my opinion, a delay on your part will not cost them $150 – more like 15 cents if that much. Check out my overview of self-publishing for more information.

Since you’re a finalist at writer’s conference it may make more sense for you to get an agent. Or you may want to go directly to publishers.

I love self-publishing, but it isn’t easy. Peter Bowerman’s Well-Fed Self-Publisher is an absolute must before you sign anything in my opinion.

Good luck, and keep us posted on your progress.

If you have a question about freelance writing, contact me with Q&A in the subject line. I’ll do my best to get your question answered.

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