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Webinar Back On!

about writing squared - the supportive writing forum

About Writing Squared - The supportive writing forum

My magnetic personality or something has been creating tech glitches all over the place. As some of you know, earlier this week I had real problems with this blog. This morning my voice mail service failed.

Little did Lori and I realize my “powers” had extended to our webinar… which is the real reason we thought we were canceling. But it turned out to be a simple fix – took some research and the cooperation of some others, and we’re back on.

Hooray! Join us!

Plus, you win. Because of all the confusion we’re extending the early registration deadline to Monday.

Bottom line? Writers – Uncover Your Hidden Profit Potential! is on and we’re looking for it.

You can still save 11 percent and a bit more by registering now, and certainly by Monday.

Thanks for your patience… and, as always…


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